The Visionary Life of Von: Liebster Awards

Click here: Liebster Awards. The Life of Von, a truly visionary friend of mine

By Lara/Trace

I say without hesitation, this Aussie adoptee changed my life and my writing. Von is my all-time favorite writer-blogger-adoptee.  I mean this sincerely. I read lots of blogs.  I found her when I was doing research for my memoir.

Von is truly gifted with words and wisdom. Von speaks her truth with clarity and compassion, thus she is an inspiration to me and to many others.  She writes with ferocity as an elder.  I share her writing very often on this blog! Why? She makes me think and re-think!

The point of blogging is to educate and share.  In the past four+ years, Von has made a major mark on adoption reform with her constant concise blogging on the adoptee voice. She also made some people very angry (ferocious actually) – which is the mark of a true visionary.

My blog on American Indian Adoptees and this human trafficking blog and Von’s blog are meant for people who plan to adopt children or did adopt –  and for those who wish to understand that adopting a child comes with a price – and how we adoptees pay it forward since it affects us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Being adopted doesn’t end when you become an adult…

For far too long adoptees were shamed into silence or we felt our voice didn’t matter. That imbalance was not being corrected. Now (with blogging) our words do matter and can change hearts and minds and perhaps laws around the world.

Von is a gift to all adoptees and for the non-adopted who hope to understand the complexities of adoption practices and lifelong, long-term effects on adoptees.

Please take the time and read her blog, follow it and share it.

A treasured postcard from my friend Von in 2010 that depicts her present home
A treasured postcard from my friend Von in 2010 that depicts her present home

Sharing a blogging award with her is an honor..

As I wrote in the preface of Two Worlds,

We gather round the adoptees and listen as they share their story, in their own words, in their own voice. The only way we can change history is to write it ourselves….. and our truth shall finally set us free…


  1. Thank you Trace for your wonderful words of support – it what makes it worthwhile! How precious is our little band of adoptee bloggers who write their truth, tell their stories and insist on the truth. The adoptee journey is truly so much better with company!


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