10 years already? How has adoption perception changed?

By Lara/Trace If you had asked me in 2004 what I had planned for myself, I would have not said “writing” about adoption and human trafficking. I had just left my editor’s job at the Pequot Times in Connecticut in August and by September I was married, my second time. How life changed so dramatically […]

10 answers on blogging, Kindle and my life in general

Von at The Life of Von blog posed these questions (as part of the Leibster Award nominations) and I am going to take a minute and answer them… Read more about the blog award and my friend Von here:  https://laratracehentz.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/the-visionary-life-of-von-liebster-awards/ 1. How is blogging working out for you? I love it more than I ever […]

The Visionary Life of Von: Liebster Awards

Click here: Liebster Awards. The Life of Von, a truly visionary friend of mine By Lara/Trace I say without hesitation, this Aussie adoptee changed my life and my writing. Von is my all-time favorite writer-blogger-adoptee.  I mean this sincerely. I read lots of blogs.  I found her when I was doing research for my memoir. […]

#LiebsterAward: End Human Trafficking

Liebster Award By Lara/Trace I am very honored to have received the Liebster Blog Award nomination from I am Worth The Effort.  L. Dwain connected with me on WordPress which led me to follow his blog.  I’ve since learned more about his work, I AM Worth The Effort initiative. I started this blog with the intent […]

“Stuck” and Slavery, living #adoption

This excellent blog post in from my friend VON at her blog THE LIFE OF VON: Jeremy, an adopter, commented on the LGA Review of “Stuck”, a film I have not seen and am not likely to see Full disclosure, I am an adoptive parent. “The adoptees that have come out of the fog, the […]

Poverty, Big Business and Consenting Adults

Originally posted on The Life Of Von:
For anyone who has not seen the connection between big business, poverty and the resulting consequences for children, perhaps this will help join the dots – The Indian Land Grab In Ethiopia By Graham Peebles via The Indian Land Grab In Ethiopia By Graham Peebles. Where parents are…