connecting the dots: Big Oil

NY Daily News

By Trace/Lara

Do you ever feel like a puppet – dangling and helpless? In recent days, it’s like the clever smokescreen of illusion has fallen and the Masters behind the puppet show are exposed… I call them the Oz of Big Oil. They cannot hide now – we see them.

Then I read an email from Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) in Boston:

A new report from climate scientist Richard Heede has the potential to reshape the debate on climate change. The report shows that nearly two-thirds of all the industrial carbon pollution in the last 150 years can be traced directly to just 90 global actorsChevron, ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, Peabody Energy, and more.1


UCS was in close contact with Heede as he prepared to publish his findings. But the release of this groundbreaking report is only the first step. As we bring much needed attention to the responsibility these companies bear for damages to our climate, we may very well face attacks from powerful, well-funded interests.

The powerful and rich corporations named in this new research won’t like these findings. They’ll do everything they can to bury or discredit them—distorting facts, attacking scientists. How do we know? Because they’ve done it before.

They’ll send their hired guns to discredit our findings in the media. We know because UCS launched a groundbreaking analysis that showed the media repeatedly fails to disclose when “experts” are funded by the oil, gas, and coal industries.2

And they’ll make sure climate-denying “think tanks” further sow doubt. We’ve followed the money to show how organizations funded by the Koch brothers and fossil fuel companies are the same exact front groups Big Tobacco used to mislead the public about smoking—an alarming case of déjà vu.3

But we won’t just be on the defensive.

In 2014:

  • Put big, bold ideas in front of policymakers and the media. Our new report, The $11 Trillion Reward, provides hard numbers on how even a small increase in America’s consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables could reap enormous rewards for our health and our economy—and shows how we can actually make it happen. The report made a huge splash in the media, including a full column by Mark Bittman in The New York Times.4
  • Grow the UCS Science Network. We’ve brought together more than 20,000 scientists and technical experts who show the media, public, and politicians why science must inform our most important decisions as a society. And next year, with your help, we’ll enlist even more experts to defend science.
  • Advocate for science from the halls of Congress to local town halls. Mayors, city councilors, and other local leaders—whose communities face rising sea levels, record droughts, and other extreme weather—are turning to the Union of Concerned Scientists for innovative solutions to their most pressing issues. And we make a national impact, helping experts testify before Congress and putting grassroots pressure on decision makers all over the country.

There is no other organization like the Union of Concerned Scientists. We have a winning track record, using a mix of solid science, policy analysis, media outreach, and grassroots mobilization. It only works because UCS members like you stand up for the facts.

Keep putting science first.

Kathleen Rest Sincerely,
Kathleen Rest
Kathleen Rest, PhD, MPA
Executive Director


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