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“the courage and openness of your work. It’s very inspiring. The way ‘Small Sacrifice’ shares itself… it’s as if the book were speaking… holding a talking stick with us all gathered in a circle… we come together through your sacrifice.”


Just wanted you to know that your book touched me on so many levels! Your editor got it right by telling you to dig deeper because the end result is written with a strength and transparency that extends beyond adoptees….Most notably the loss of your high school friend, Kim, who lost her life at the hands of domestic violence and the impact it had on you….It totally made me rethink many of the choices I had made in my life and I haven’t looked back. Thank you for sharing this important event in your courageous tale of the true inner turmoil that comes with finding one’s core identity –in spite of it all.”  —sent from adoptee Tiffani.


I just finished One Small Sacrifice and all I can say is wow!  You did a wonderful job in giving insight to those looking to find there lost heritage.  I have a Nook so downloaded it so my husband can read it.  I could see many similarities in what he has told me about his early years and what you wrote in your book!  I’m hoping if nothing else it will give him peace of mind, as his birth mother and step mother are both gone and he never knew who his birth father was…” reader D. in Oregon



REVIEW: Trace A. DeMeyer’s book One Small Sacrifice: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects is a marvelous read.

Trace narrates her story of growing up in small-town Wisconsin, US, with her younger brother, Joey and a very dysfunctional adoptive family, yet the only family she knows. What’s interesting about this book is how Trace takes the reader along with her on her journey. At times I felt I was with Trace, in her house struggling with abuse, listening from the back room as her parents and parish priests drank into the wee hours. I was sitting in the bar where she and her band were performing. I was also with her when she relentlessly searched for her family of birth. I pondered with her as she tried to make sense of her home environment – disturbed, abusive adoptive father, distracted adoptive mother – and a deep desire to know her roots and connect emotionally and physically with her sorely absent parents. … Read more  HERE

LINK: one click to purchase One Small Sacrifice (out of print)


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NOTE: People have been so kind about reading my memoir.  I thank them all.



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