NEWS: Overlooked in the Data, Native Americans Feel Devastated by the Virus | Jetsonorama | Dakota 38


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Though Jetsonorama was inspired by graffiti and hip-hop culture in the 1980s, he didn’t begin his street art career until he was in his 50s working as a doctor on a Navajo reservation … His website:

WOW: Jetsonorama’s Photographic Street Art in the Southwestern Desert | Hi-Fructose Magazine



The Hanging Monument disappeared in the 1990s when city officials moved it from a city parking lot to an undisclosed location. Publicly, no one knows where the monument presently resides. Its story though, offers a clear avenue to understand present contestation over historical monuments better. This monument connects the Civil War era with America’s broader ambitions in colonizing Indigenous lands. And, both while it stood and when its presence became inconvenient, the Hanging Monument shows how memorials control historical narratives and elevate particular interpretations of the past.

Good Read: Mankato’s Hanging Monument Excluded Indigenous Perspectives when it was Erected and when it was Removed | History News Network


By L/T

Well, here we are – still under quarantine in Greenfield but doing well.

Since March I noticed I needed to cry, so I watched the funeral of Congressman John Robert Lewis today and cried my eyes out. I told my doctor I need to grieve. Today was the day. Funerals are so needed but not always possible.

My friend Elizabeth “Von” Hughes, an adoptee in Australia, was taken into hospital May 4th and died on the 13th.

I say without hesitation, this Aussie adoptee changed my life and my writing.  Von was my all-time favorite writer-blogger-adoptee. I mean this sincerely. I read lots of blogs.  I found her when I was doing research for my memoir. Losing her is like losing a parent, a best friend, even though we never met in flesh. We emailed, sent letters, art, updates, etc.

Losing Dr. Charles Bland, my work partner for the past 10+ years, was also a blow.

So today was a good day to cry.

How is everyone? Are you OK? Are you grieving too?


  1. I’m French. Covid is present and we all have to be careful.
    When I read what you write, I get so sad.
    I hate the fate imposed on native Americans. I keep asking myself how it’s possible…
    The denial of reality is unbearable.
    My heart is with you, even though I know it’s not enough.

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  2. Sorry for the loss of your dear friends, dear Lara.
    The street art is inspirational indeed, though I sadly suspect that monument may have been destroyed.
    A second wave is starting here, and some parts of the country have been put back into lockdown.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Native Americans are also the only minority disenfranchised by the myth that they are already dead. Ask anyone who has battled that theme with Social Security how hard it is to rise from the dead and be counted…then wake up to the reality of something the magnitude of the Coronavirus and the whole narrative is just overwhelming. We have got to dispense with this line of thinking, and be duly corrected about what it really means to be a ward of the government, since so many seem to think that means a luxurious free ride. Time to open our eyes AND ears… The time to make amends starts now.

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