Publisher Blue Hand Books

Pocumtuckland, Greenfield, MA

MAY 1, 2022

“I don’t know about you but I have plenty of paperback and hard covers,” says Trace Hentz, author of the book series “It’s A Miracle We Survived This Far.”

Her new book FINDING THE INVISIBLES will be published in blog posts over the course of the next few months. (and available as a pdf when it concludes.)

finding the invisibles from the new book PREFACE: Finding the Invisibles Is there a medicine for our world? Is there a cosmic cure for this growing unrest? Who is behind all this chaos?


“I am a researcher and historian, not an academic. I read more than I will ever write. I found something so remarkable and terrifying, it all came together in this new book.

“It was not what I had planned for my life but now I see it was a bigger plan to make this book and research part of my book series. I am as shocked as anyone.  No, it’s not going to be on Amazon, who rejected (and blocked) an early draft.  No, it’s not the normal way to publish a book but I am not normal,” Hentz said.

Hentz is the founder and publisher of BLUE HAND BOOKS (2011-2022) which publishes Native American writers and storytellers. Their website:

“With the chaos of too many books and the expense of buying books, I reject and defy what is expected for any new book,” Hentz said. “If it’s good, it will travel. People who are meant to read it will.”

Hentz is the author or “Mental Midgets/Musqonichte” (2019) and “What Just Happened” (2021) in the It’s A Miracle… book series, for sale as paperbacks and ebooks with online booksellers.  Her first book series “Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects” is also available online and at bookstores.

“What I found is so shocking, it needs to be formatted for easy reading, so the reader can digest and think, over a period of time.”

“Yes, this is a departure from traditional publishing formats, and I think many others will do this, eventually. A website can be accessed easily by phone or computer. Each chapter can be read at your leisure, which is the whole point,” Hentz said.

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  1. Good for you Lara! When I first began my book project I had intended to do something similar. Anything to stay out of the do-it-yourself with all of the work, little of the profits and uncertain representation through online editing. I am sending the best energy for your work to be read and understood. 🤗

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