2022 Bye Bye WordPress

To WP, no no no, but I want to thank all my friends who read, comment, like, follow, and share your brilliance on your blogs…

Find me here:


NEW EMAIL: tracelara@pm.me

I will be leaving this blog up but no more wordpress posts for LARA. I have deleted lots but lots remains – for future reference. And I am finally slowly reading AMERICAN HOLOCAUST – recommended by a good friend but she warned me I would get sick… And I have been. (see video below)

My favorite song! Home to Me: https://youtu.be/EgaYz8YWsO8


  1. Horrific video, about the Indigenous American Holocaust, but that has being the History of Mankind through the ages, specially since the discovery of the Americas, but well before that History has been a blood bathh of wars, and destruction , as far back, as the Greeks, Romans, Huns, Mongols, and you name it, to our present day.

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