Tracking Bigfoot – Farmington Daily Times

Tracking Bigfoot – Farmington Daily Times. And the Lakota have their own – I heard it scream back in the early 1990s…Lara

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  1. I’d like to tell you that on March 13, 2011 about 3am my little brother saw Bigfoot in Kirtland, NM and an area known as Filo Canyon and it wasn’t The Bigfoot Research Organization that I contacted about the sighting it was Tom Biscardi I didn’t want the #2 group for searching this mysterious creature that has been roaming this area since the early 1990’s and up to now people are seeing more of him and his family coming down from the Lukachukai Mountains down through the San Juan River and coming to farms and rural areas I contacted Tom Biscardi and his group Searching For Bigfoot Incorportated aka SFBI the #1 Team that has been searching for Bigfoot all over the world for 33 years and in less then 12 hours we were contacted by one of his fellow team members and went to the site we found and documented 12 Foot Prints and one of them measured 24 1/4 inches long and about 7 inches wide otherwise known as The Alpha Male and later on in May 2011 finally we met Tom Biscardi and 2 of his crew and when we went there we found new Foot Prints it was The Alpha Male and his family The Alpha Female and Two of its kids’ Foot Prints we found the tracks walking up and on the side of a large tall hill that the sand was fine and deep and no human being could walk it because we found a hill and tried couldn’t make it up 3 feet and these footprints went from top to bottom left and right where no human would be able to go and there were not shoes but Bare Foot Impressions and very deep found a total of 25 Foot Prints and I too have sighted the creature 2 times and a 3rd time in 2011 I been researching Bigfoot along with other the other Mysterious Creatures since I was 6 years old I have been fascinated and we have a huge family that has lived along the San Juan River and all the way up to the nearby mountains and we have our Native Elders tell us they know Bigfoot lives there, he eats there and roams around they will not tell most of anybody where he is because we know and HE WAS HERE BEFORE ALL OF US, SO WE LEAVE HIM ALONE and recently The BFRO has been trying to take credit for being the first here that assumption is incorrect it was Tom Biscardi and The SFBI!!!!!!!


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