Read this post from my friend DANA first then watch the video:

..Because all of us Indian women have one thing in common that is as inter-tribal as the Grand Entry at Gathering of Nations.  We are sisters connected this way….We love yard sales….We love yard sales, garages sales, rummage sales, and second hand thrift stores.  As the car slows to a stop in front of a yard sale you will already see a foot out the door.  If there are more than one Indian woman in the car and you happen to be lucky enough to take maybe a grandmother and mother and sisters, don’t worry about the time…

HER AWESOME POST: http://justarezchick.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/the-stuff-legends-are-made-of/

Thomas Builds-The-Fire Tells a story about Arlenes Frybread for Mothers everywhere. "100 indians & only 50 pieces of frybread"

FROM LARA/TRACE: Guilty as charged – Yard Sales and Free Stuff – I’m there!