Calvert Nevaquaya on Comanche culture #NDN #ART

“The thing I would like for [viewers] to see in our Comanche culture, through our art, is the beauty of our people—sometimes the spiritual side and the hardship—the good things our people had to offer,” said Calvert Nevaquaya. “Through a lot of my father’s art, people were amazed by the beauty and the culture and the things he had painted. He had love stories he painted. Our people had lovers in our tribe as well as warriors. A lot of the people outside the Numunu look at us as savages or wild Indians. Through our artwork, I hope they see the beauty and spiritual side.”

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The Nevaquaya brothers have a chance to show how their family tradition is taking a new direction with “Breaking Traditions,” a two-person show that opens 3-7 p.m. Saturday July 7 at the Southern Plains Indian Museum, 715 E. Central in Anadarko, Okla. and shows through August 18. The opening will feature both an art discussion by the brothers and a flute concert.

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