The law is essential to strengthening future Native American generations.

READ: Indian Child Welfare Act attacks are a threat to tribes — High Country News

I was so glad to be interviewed on this important topic and history. Please Protect ICWA… LT

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  1. Lara. Would you know anything about Native American birthing stones? Told they were egg-shaped, heated and used to aid/speed birthing process. Have been unable to find info online. Thought you or a follower may have insight.

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  2. Why do we keep building better roads to hell? I am so sick of the stench of patriarchy in these actions. Native people are adults; they deserve to have their voices heard and their rights empowered. Good intentions are just the vehicle by which we continue to oppress people who still scare us….

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  3. “However, the Goldwater Institute, a right-wing advocacy group with ties to the Koch brothers, argues the law, which only allows Native children to live with non-Native foster parents if a tribal family is not available, is a form of racial segregation.”
    Anything those guys are against, I’m for!

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