Adoption file reveals more about Homer G. Phillips stolen baby mystery


ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – An adoption file that could answer many questions concerning allegations that babies were stolen and then sold at the old Homer G. Phillips Hospital has been released. One attorney calls what’s inside this file, evidence of a cover up. He and his client say there are forgeries and lies.

“This is robbing me of my joy, it’s robbing me of my joy.” said Zella Jackson Price.

Zella Jackson price was filled with joy last month after being reunited with her daughter Diane. Zella Price had been told some 50 years ago Diane died hours after birth at the old hospital. She’s is upset about details found in daughter Diane’s adoption file.

Price said, “Now you have riled me, you are trying to kill my character, you’re trying to lie and say I was at one hospital.”

Diane’s alleged birth certificate says Zella Price delivered her at St. Louis City Hospital One, the traditionally white hospital.

“I’ve never been to city hospital in my life. I cannot tell you where it was.” She also is upset because the file claims she abandoned her baby at that hospital. She denied is. Her attorney Al Watkins has also looked at the adoption file, “There are some things that scream out at you.” said Price.

Watkins said there are discrepancies in the 103 pages. Watkins says they have living proof Zella delivered Diane at Homer G. Phillips Hospital.

“We have a witness who was an employee of Homer G. Phillips at the time baby Dianne was delivered who visited Mrs. Jackson Price at the time she delivered Diane at Homer G. Phillips. He said people’s names on documents appear to be forged. While looking at the birth certificate Price said, “That’s not my signature that’s not my signature at all.” said Watkins.

A known signature of Diane and one in the file looks very different. Documents also say court officials were unable to locate Zella which Zella questions. She was well known in the community, she performed gospel music at many churches, her actual address was on the so called birth certificate. She was even in a movie.

“When you tell one lie you have to tell another one to cover that lie. So I think it’s lies upon lies.” said Price.

Attorney Al Watkins said they are a long way from knowing what may of happened at the hospital. He says, “We are the fifty yard line at best.”

Watkins is still waiting for medical records to be released by the city concerning Zella and Diane while at Homer G. Phillips

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