Forgotten Minority | #NoDAPL | The Ungers | Chilling

CNN: “The forgotten minority in police shootings” Here. An excerpt: Native Americans are killed in police encounters at a higher rate than any other racial or ethnic group, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet rarely do these deaths gain the national spotlight. “Native American people are basically invisible to most […]

Vermont’s Uncomfortable Eugenics History | #ICWA Custody Case | Dawnland | Paradise Papers | #NAAM

Vermont’s Uncomfortable Eugenics History Read the full article by Stephen Mills in the Rutland Herald. Dormancy Concept Trailer from Luke Becker-Lowe on Vimeo. Link to the GoFundMe site for this production. via Filmmakers Explore Vermont’s Uncomfortable Eugenics History My earlier post on this *** The Supreme Court refused to hear an Arizona case that pitted a […]

The Traffickers (continued) #NAAM2016

Roelie Post in The Traffickers Roelie works with integrity and empathy. She is the only civil servant that families of adoption-loss trust to protect children. She has the knowledge and expertise. She must be allowed to work on children´s rights, so that families are protected and laws are kept-because children’s rights are Human Rights. Guest […]

After almost a decade apart, siblings reunite at Rutgers

By Vaishali Gauba | USA TODAY   When he was 12, Keith DuPree was adopted. His 13-year-old sister, Gina Pearson, called their encounter at his adoption party “awkward.” As the years passed, DuPree and Pearson lost touch. Fast forward seven years to 2011. Pearson, who was attending Rutgers University-Camden, was traveling with the Youth Advisory Board to Rutgers’ New Brunswick […]

A corruption called adoption

NOTE: I am posting this disgusting story because it’s obvious the lengths some people will go to fulfill THEIR NEEDS – and it’s not about the baby or mothers and fathers or the future. It’s about the adopters. It’s about what they want – and that goal is a baby/babies. There is something so psycho […]

Adoption file reveals more about Homer G. Phillips stolen baby mystery

SEE VIDEO AT LINK BELOW ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – An adoption file that could answer many questions concerning allegations that babies were stolen and then sold at the old Homer G. Phillips Hospital has been released. One attorney calls what’s inside this file, evidence of a cover up. He and his client say there […]

Adoptee-Abductee Reunites with Mom 41 Years After He Was Taken as a Baby

Nelly Reyes and Travis Tolliver By Tara Fowler | @waterfowlerta | 05/26/2015 Travis Tolliver burst into tears as he held his biological mother Nelly Reyes for the first time – 41 years after they’d last laid eyes on each other. “I don’t know how I feel,” he told CNN after reuniting with his mom at […]

IOWA: Soldiers Orphans Home 1870-1880

Soldiers Orphans Home, Davenport, IA 1870 – 1880 Soldiers Orphans Home Davenport 1870 – 1880 (398 entries) CLICK: This is all of the data. Pierce Winslow 35 Male Superintendent Massachusetts Pierce Fanny 33 Female Maine Pierce Charley 6 Male Iowa Pierce May 4 Female Iowa Pierce Catherine 1 Female Iowa Lawton Edgar 22 Male Clerk […]

Trafficking over 100 years: Spence Chapin

About Spence-Chapin SPENCE-CHAPIN IS AN ACCREDITED NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION that has been offering quality adoption services for more than 100 years. (Handled 18,000+ babies and began international adoption in 1991 – that’s a lot of money…even if they are a non-profit… Laramie) Our mission is to provide adoption and adoption-related services of the highest quality. The […]

Outer Search Inner Journey: An interview with author-adoptee Peter Dodds #flipthescript

By Lara/Trace When Peter was three-years-old, he was adopted from a German orphanage by American parents, one of 10,000 German children adopted by United States’ citizens during the Cold War. His new American parents didn’t speak German; Peter didn’t speak English. Outer Search Inner Journey is his memoir and the first book written on international adoption by a […]

10 years already? How has adoption perception changed?

By Lara/Trace If you had asked me in 2004 what I had planned for myself, I would have not said “writing” about adoption and human trafficking. I had just left my editor’s job at the Pequot Times in Connecticut in August and by September I was married, my second time. How life changed so dramatically […]