100 Voices for Veronica Brown

Facebook is buzzing with Baby Veronica (Ronnie Brown) updates and talking about her case as human trafficking. If you have a parent who wants to raise his child and an adoption agency who sells that same child and then wins in court and hands the child to strangers then we have sanctioned human trafficking in the US....Trace



  • 100 Voices for Veronica Brown Thank You very much for that link, Tenja. I remember a social worker commenting on one of the pro-Veronica blogs, that when she was younger she was involved ( I believe pre-ICWA) in placing a lot of Native children with white parents. I wish I could find that comment. She basically admitted that she thought at the time that she was “saving ” these children, but later a lot of them developed problems as teenagers and a lot of them committed suicide, while the kids who stayed with their biological families were much closer to the national norm for suicide. I don’t remember if it was the same person, or someone else, who mentioned that a big part of the problem was that the white families talked disrespectfully about the children’s native families. One look at the SAVE VERONICA (SVR) page and you can see we have the same problem in Veronica’s case. We need to spread this information. This could help prevent Desirai’s (and other children’s’)placement outside the tribe , this could eventually help reunite Veronica with her family. I believe that it is far from over. If the tide of the public opinion turns within the next couple of months or years, and let’s say Godwin, and Nightlight and Nomura get exposed and imprisoned, Capobinacos will find themselves in a hot water. They “won” but they know that this might be a Pyrrhic victory.

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