Missionaries in Hawai’i | More Attacks on ICWA | Is Tulsa Indian Country? | MMIWG epidemic

Sending you all a big thanks for reading this news roundup and Happy Turkey “Big Food” Day tomorrow… Lara/Trace An Exhibition Critically Explores the History of Missionaries in Hawai’i WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. — In August 1806, five students on the campus of Williams College took refuge from a sudden thunderstorm beside a haystack and vowed to […]

Vermont’s Uncomfortable Eugenics History | #ICWA Custody Case | Dawnland | Paradise Papers | #NAAM

Vermont’s Uncomfortable Eugenics History Read the full article by Stephen Mills in the Rutland Herald. Dormancy Concept Trailer from Luke Becker-Lowe on Vimeo. Link to the GoFundMe site for this production. via Filmmakers Explore Vermont’s Uncomfortable Eugenics History My earlier post on this *** The Supreme Court refused to hear an Arizona case that pitted a […]

Thank YOU

By Lara/Trace (or whatever you want to call me!) I am popping in to say thank you for 100,000 hits on this blog. REALLY! That is no small feat for a journalist writer who writes about adoption, ICWA, Native American history and other serious dark matters. Chi Megwetch, Pilamaye, Gratias and Merci Beaucoup! I have […]

Part One: Interview with Anishinabe Scholar Elder Carol A. Hand

By Lara Trace Hentz Hi everyone. The following interview with Anishinabe/Ojibwe Elder Carol A. Hand (Voices from the Margins blog) (Professor in Social Work and Sociology, Author, Guest Lecturer) will run over the next few weeks on this blog. Carol and I have roots in Wisconsin. I’ve been admiring her work and scholarship for quite […]

What a crazy world, right? #flipthescript #adoption

By Lara Trace After Ben left us recently, a new baby arrived. Yup, we have a new bundle of joy, our second grandgirl. (Note: that’s all I will share on a public blog.) An endless cycle we humans are in, someone leaves, another soul arrives. When I held her, I could not believe how tiny […]

Headlines: trafficking, adoption, Indian Child Welfare

House Passes Bill To Prevent Sex Trafficking, Strengthen Vulnerable Children and Families Posted on July 29, 2014 On Wednesday, July 23, 2014, the House of Representatives unanimously approved H.R. 4980, the “Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act.” This bipartisan, bicameral bill reflects agreements reached between House and Senate leaders on three separate bills designed […]

10 years already? How has adoption perception changed?

By Lara/Trace If you had asked me in 2004 what I had planned for myself, I would have not said “writing” about adoption and human trafficking. I had just left my editor’s job at the Pequot Times in Connecticut in August and by September I was married, my second time. How life changed so dramatically […]

Meet the Authors/Editors of Two Worlds

Patricia and I will be giving a book talk in Ontario – very exciting! Come join us – open to the public! Our anthology is being offered to the entire community as part of a Summer Reads Program! Click link to read more: Two Worlds

60s Scoop: Stolen Generations

Origins Canada website The 60s Scoop refers to the adoption of First Nation/Metis children in Canada between the years of 1960 and the mid 1980′s. This period is unique in the annals of adoption. This phenomenon, coined the “60′s Scoop”, is so named because the highest numbers of adoptions took place in the decade of […]

Adoption Coercion Checklist

This is reprinted with permission from Origins Canada Common Coercion Methods Used on ‘Unwed’ Mothers In Canada: Below is a list of some common practices used systemically by the adoption industry on “unwed mothers” in Canada from about 1950-onwards, as means of obtaining babies for adoption. Many of these methods may have been applied to […]

Part One: Victims of Adoption and Lies

I woke up with thoughts: there are two victims of adoption who need help and not necessarily from each other: the adoptee and the first mother. Each has its own burden and neither can heal the other. By Lara/Trace Speaking with adoptee friends on Facebook, many added their own ideas and reactions when I posted my […]

Talking About Adoptee Rights To Legislators or Anyone Else Part II

At the most basic level Adoptee Rights is about civil rights and being treated equally. I mean why should we have special laws for people just because they happen to be adopted after they were born? That’s just not right. So for many adoptees, they want to right to have this piece of paper because […]

my crazy: human trafficking, historical trauma

By LARA I have written here on this blog about my becoming Lara, integrating parts of my persona that were buried or stunted or created as an adoptee growing up with strangers. I had posted on Facebook (as Trace) how I experienced huge chunks of CRAZY, had patterns of unhealthy behavior and even how big […]