We, The Jury radio program coming in February!

A New Program for a New Year:

We, the Jury: A Forum Without Borders to commence broadcasting on Saturday, February 2, 2013
Former “Hidden from History” program to broaden its focus and actively involve its listeners in a public justice online forum
A Message from Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice

Kevin Annett

One of the joys of my work is meeting honest people on the ground who are  battling for justice against overwhelming odds. These valiant souls  aren’t just describing an evil but are directly confronting it.
Before anything, such warriors have needed a public forum to present their case and name the names, and for years we’ve helped them do so  through our Hidden from History radio programs.
But now,  something much more is needed. The truth speakers need a judicial arm to pronounce and enforce a community sentence against powerful criminals,  in order to help us all reclaim what has been taken from us.
Our Common Law Court that began in the fall is helping to create  that legal system by making the law work for the  victims and not the  criminals. We want to reflect this momentous step on the public airwaves with a new blog talk radio show called We, the Jury: A Forum Without Borders.
It will be a monthly program, two hours in length, commencing on  Saturday, February 2 at 4 pm eastern time and running on the first  Saturday of every month.
We, the Jury will have three components:
– An opening news report and commentary section that will include updates from our International Common Law Court of Justice and groups around  the world
– An hour-long Public Court session featuring regular guests who  will present their own cases and evidence of crimes in their own communities, and
– A summing up session to mobilize our listeners and carry on these campaigns
Our growing numbers of listeners have asked for such an activist-oriented program. In barely half a year during the fall of 2012, the numbers of our archived listeners quadrupled, once we began our Common Law Court and subpoenaed the Pope and other criminal parties.
The launching of We, the Jury next month will coincide with the  concluding arguments of the Prosecutors’ Office in our Court action  against those responsible for Genocide in Canada. So we look forward to  an actively engaging series of shows with very practical outcomes, on  the first Saturday of every month.
I look forward to working with all of you to launch and sustain We,  the Jury, so that it is not only your program but a practical weapon in  the fight to reclaim our lives, our liberties, our children, and our  world.
Stay tuned soon for more updates about the program and its new blog site, prior to February 2.
With my thanks, Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice

Anti-pope protesters pass through Whitehall

I have been a guest on Hidden From History and hope to be a guest again to discuss my new anthology TWO WORLDS: LOST CHILDREN OF THE INDIAN ADOPTION PROJECTS co-authored with Patricia Busbee!  Lara/Trace

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