If Congress truly represented the American people, you would award Bradley Manning the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery against the enemy within.  He is a true American hero who risked his life and possible life imprisonment for making the American people aware of criminal acts and war crimes committed in their names. Yet you […]

Human trafficking prevails in Wisconsin

By Samuel Schmitt The Badger Herald Mar 13, 2012 Human trafficking, a modern-day form of slavery and a growing criminal activity both internationally and also here within Wisconsin, goes largely unnoticed by most citizens. // // The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime defines human trafficking as the act of recruiting, transporting, harboring or […]

We, The Jury radio program coming in February!

A New Program for a New Year: We, the Jury: A Forum Without Borders to commence broadcasting on Saturday, February 2, 2013 Former “Hidden from History” program to broaden its focus and actively involve its listeners in a public justice online forum A Message from Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice One of the joys […]

Stopping sexual abuse of children online

Internet Watch Foundation report highlights new abuse of online technology Criminals intent on distributing images of children being sexually abused are finding new ways of exploiting legitimate online technology, according to the Internet Watch Foundation’s (IWF) 2011 Annual Report launched today (26 March 2012). Criminals are ‘disguising’ websites to appear as if they host […]