Stolen Generation

Image: The Indian Residential School hockey team of Maliotenam, Quebec, circa 1950 (Library and Archives Canada; Commons/)  READ MORE   Austalia’s national broadcaster ABC news on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the parallels to the experiences of Aboriginal peoples in Australia during the Stolen Generation. Posted by Touchstones of Hope on Monday, January 4, […]

2016: Time to Rev Up

By Lara Trace It’s good to be home and I’m revved up to resume a weekly schedule of blog posts. (I missed you guys [I really did] but I was reading your inspiring bad-ass blogs!) (for some weird reason I stopped getting email notice of your new posts – um, still working to fix that.) […]

Soul Wound: The Legacy of Native American Schools

U.S. and Canadian authorities took Native children from their homes and tried to school, and sometimes beat, the Indian out them. Now Native Americans are fighting the theft of language, of culture, and of childhood itself.

A Deafening Silence On Aboriginal Issues #TRC

Over the weekend, author and university administrator Wab Kinew, Rwandan genocide survivor Eloge Butera, Broadbent Institute director Jonathan Sas and 19 honorary witnesses to the TRC issued a call to action, urging Canadians to “make reconciliation an election issue.” Kinew told Maclean’s he remembers NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau “immediately in […]

They came for the children @TRC #TC4TC

  // [View the story “”They Came for the Children”” on Storify]   ‘They Came for the Children’ #TC4TC. In the next 4 days, on Twitter the truth will be retold through @kairoscanada — TRC (@TRC_en) May 26, 2015 #TC4TC p18 In 1931 the system reached its peak with 80 schools in operation. […]

Ottawa forced to turn over reports of electric chair use at St. Anne’s residential school

Jordan Chittley, Writer, @jchittley January 15, 2014   For the past year and a half, lawyer Fay Brunning has been fighting to get the federal government to hand over documents about the St. Anne’s residential school. It’s a school that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and a judge described as having the worst cases of […]

Torn from their mothers’ arms #HumanTrafficking

POUND PUP LEGACY |  Submitted by Kerry on Wed, 2015-03-25 See also: Great British Shame NSW apologises for forced adoptions UK to ‘apologise’ to ‘Orphans of Empire’ Australian church apologies to child migrants United Church of Canada to hold mirror to its role in forced adoptions as families push for national inquiry ‘Our babies were […]

Doesn’t this constitute genocide?

archive photo Truth and Reconciliation Commission officials expect toll to rise as more records reviewed OTTAWA — Thousands of Canada’s aboriginal children died in residential schools that failed to keep them safe from fires, protected from abusers, and healthy from deadly disease, a commission into the saga has found. So far, the Truth and Reconciliation […]

Why Canada will Never have a Truthful Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

Originally posted on Aakdewin:
Let’s be real. Canada will never have a truthful inquiry into missing and murdered women.  I really think we should save our breath and stop asking.  However, that doesn’t mean that I think that we should give up. What we need is a different approach.  What we need is for Indigenous…

Canada crimes against First Nations was genocide

By PHIL FONTAINE AND BERNIE FARBER Special to The Globe and Mail On Monday, Oct. 14, we have the unique and historic opportunity to meet with Professor James Anaya, the Special United Nations Rapporteur for Indigenous People. It is our conviction that Canada’s history with First Nations people was not just dark and brutal, but […]

An estimated 16,000 Indigenous children were taken from their families as a result of the 60’s Scoop

An estimated 16,000 Indigenous children were taken from their families as a result of the 60’s Scoop.   “We are still here”… Watch this video… Trace/Lara

Not even human: TB experiments on First Nations kids

Indigenous children were experimented on with a TB vaccine. Culture shown above… ‘Not Even Human’ How Canadian Govt. Abused Aboriginal Children in TB Experiments ICTMN Staff, July 28, 2013 While aboriginal children died of tuberculosis in the 1930s and 1940s, Canadian health officials tried out experimental vaccines on infants rather than ameliorate the conditions of […]

Aboriginal children used in medical tests, commissioner says

Truth and Reconciliation Commission seeks further documentation on tests CBC News Commissioners Marie Wilson, from left, Justice Murray Sinclair and Chief Wilton Littlechild of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Sinclair told CBC News that aboriginal children were also used as medical test subjects. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press)   Related Stories Listen to the interview […]

10 Other Things You Might Not Have Known About 20th-Century Canadian First Nations History

By Sean Kheraj [SOURCE: If there was a weekly prize for active historians in Canada, Ian Mosby would have been last week’s winner. Canadian national news media (including print, radio, television, and web) prominently featured Dr. Mosby’s recently published Histoire Sociale/Social History article, “Administering Colonial Science: Nutrition Research and Human Biomedical Experimentation in Aboriginal […]

For Canada and First Nations, it’s time to end the experiments

Op-Ed by SHAWN ATLEO, The Globe and Mail Recent reports about the Canadian government’s experiments on hungry, impoverished First Nations children in residential schools have sent a shock wave through the country. My reaction was deeply personal. My father attended one of the schools where these experiments took place. My family and countless others were […]