Trick, No Treat: An Urgent Warning for Cat-Lovers, Writers, and…Everyone Else

We have caused this one. I am talking about plastics in our environment. And I am talking about their insidious effect on the thyroid – HUMAN and animal.

This post is about an emerging health crisis facing cats in particular and everything and everyone else in addition, and we have caused it

…This is not going to go away. And if you have ever loved a cat, you know how emotionally charged this issue is about to become.” –

MUST READ: Trick, No Treat: An Urgent Warning for Cat-Lovers, Writers, and…Everyone Else

This post must be widely shared since it is now a matter of life and death. Thank you my friend KC.


** Buffalo dreams ebook coverMy friend Jaga’de has just died of a rare cancer. [Salivary gland tumors are rare types of tumors that begin in the salivary glands; these cancerous tumors can begin in any of the salivary glands in your mouth, neck or throat.  Her tumor was in her face and aggressive and deadly malignant.] A few days ago, I published her insightful new book Buffalo Dreams.

Due to her death: I am on hiatus. I can’t find words right now.


  1. Thank you so much Lara… Education is the best weapon in this fight, so the more who know the better our chances. And when it becomes personal…when we can look at an innocent animal and realize what is happening to them is not about THEIR foolish choices but our own, only then might we see the error of our own ways… when their suffering becomes the guilt rendered by it being our personal and foolish fault…

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