band of holes mystery

The “Band of Holes” consists of approximately 6,900 unexplained man-sized holes carved into the barren rock near Pisco Valley, Peru on a plain called Cajamarquilla. It dates back to ancient times and remain a mystery much like neighboring Nazca Lines and Machu Piccu best appreciated from the air and satellite imagery. You might want to locate them with Google Earth.

Holes vary between 6-7 feet deep though some are merely shallow indents as if not completed. Some sections have holes in rigid and perfect precision, others run in rows that curve up in arches, while some are staggered lines. Local residents have no record of who made the holes or what their purpose was, as nothing in their ancient mythologies offers an explanation. Findings by archaeologist and anthropologists are also not conclusive.
Viewed from above, the “Band of Holes” glistens in sunlight as if giving off some sort of code to those who created them – messages in stone. Perhaps the code is linked to human DNA and the progression of consciousness through time or a coded message linked to ancient astronauts who visited here long ago.


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