adoption trafficking

Adoption Trafficking:  Taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

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Adoption is really taking children from the poor and giving to the rich.  Adoption Trafficking is coercive language that in the end, the person of ‘power’  manipulates the vulnerable parent, typically the mother, out of her child.  The end goal is to fulfill the demand of wanting infertile adopters and financially benefiting the industry.  The adoption fees are disguised as the costs to ‘process’ the child for adoption and can cost as high as $60,000+ for each transaction.  It’s modern day, 21st century, legalized child trafficking.  Think of how much that $60,000 could help a community in Uganda, China, India keeping families together.  Instead it’s an undercurrent of corruption in foreign countries all happening from the demand of rich Westerners.  The middle man (adoption agencies) strips away the true identity of the child and the adopter buys the child, so he or she will become one of their ‘own’.  In the adopters minds they may think of it as saving an ‘orphan’ or a ‘solution for infertility issues’, but there is strategic modern day ‘verbiage’ agencies use, social workers,lawyers or counselors (or anyone working for the adoption industry) to manipulate young mothers out of their children and that took decades to perfect. “You are too young”, “your child deserve to be brought up in a two parent home”, “how are you going to raise your child by yourself?”  “You have nothing” The person in power starts planting seeds of fear into the mothers head to create doubt.  At the end of the day the goal is to get the child, the younger the child the better (because they sell for the most profit).  Religious rhetoric is used also to convince the mother that she is not worthy and incapable of raising her own child, by the Evangelical Orphan Movement.  Christians use God as the reason why one mother deserves the child more then another mother.  Christian and non-christian agencies use photolistings of children on the websites implying that they are ‘real’ orphans.  Sadly, you really have no idea if the children online are true orphans.  The pictures of the children creates emotional feelings to the shopper and the agency even sets up an easy ‘favorite folder’ to keep the children in a special folder to go back to several times a day.  Millions upon millions of children are stolen from all around the world, and millions of millions of parents are  lied to, coerced, manipulated to fill the high demands in the West.  It needs to STOP! Photolisting should be illegal and exploits the child.  Taking advantage of poor vulnerable families is a crime.  Adoption Agencies are wolves in sheep clothing.  My advice:  If you are an adoptee start investigating your own adoption.  Are you a true orphan?  If you do not have proof and/or your paperwork is falsified then the agency you adopted from could be guilty of Adoption Trafficking.  Start asking the agencies the hard questions, and if you don’t get answers then keep investigating until you  have the answers.  Agencies are getting away with NOT having to be transparent with adoptions and ‘protecting’ us from our real parents that live across the ocean.  HMMMM, how convenient!!!!  How sickening, how sad, how infuriating!  They enjoy keeping us separate from the TRUTH because they never have to answer to us.  They never have to pay for their sins!   It’s time we start doing our own investigations even if we need to go to the media.  If they are telling the truth then they have nothing to hide.  Lets start finding our real families! To HELL with adoption agencies for selling children!

The Trafficking Protocol defines human trafficking as:


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