Birth Vision

adoptee are the ninetynine percent By Trace Lara Hentz

I have walked the walk for a long time. I’ve had many hard thoughts to process in the past few years.

Spirituality at my age requires I be very conscious of my life, aware of my thoughts and appreciate everything in and around my life as spiritual. When things happened that I did not wish for, I looked for what I need to change in me.

It’s true, no matter how old we get, we never do stop learning.

I’d miss amazing people and coincidences if I didn’t have a reverence and respect for everything in my life.  I know all people, plants, animals, the air, the water, everyone and everything, even bad ruthless people, are to be loved in the very depths of my soul. When I do this, I am in touch with my spirit.

It’s like what I write in my memoir: You must love yourself before you can love anything else or anyone else. That is the key!

Once you do this, you’ll be conscious of coincidences, miracles and synchronicities all around you. You see it is a gift to be alive.

Yet that is especially hard for some adoptees. How do you find a lesson in a government taking you from your own parents? How do you love the idea you lost your parents and sovereign rights? How do you love the people who may have hurt you?

Remember we all wanted to accomplish something in our lives.  Our souls chose to go to the parents and family that we did. I know this hurts to read but remember our soul is on a journey to grow and life is an initiation. Some of us adoptees had a hard time.

Right now you need to know this: ancestors are calling you home. You may have to fight in courts to find them and regain your rights. That is a big part of this adoptee journey for many of us. Do you have the courage and strength and patience to find them? The search is your Birth Right.

You begin with you. Are you emotionally well?  Ask these questions: Do you expect sympathy from others or feel sorry for yourself being adopted? Are you angry? Are you bullying or bullied? Do you bury or deny how you really feel? Do you lie to yourself and others? Do you abuse alcohol and self-medicate?

If you answer yes, then you do need to take steps to discover the depths of your emotional mind. Watch how you feel and when. This will take time but you’ll begin to see the dramas you learned. I call this sucking energy and we do this to make ourselves feel better but it doesn’t make us feel better at all. These dramas prevent you for being connected to your spirit.

Now, visualize your families (mother, father, sister and brother, etc.) and recognize their dramas. Understand why you join in their drama and watch when you use drama on them or with them… then stop.  Once you stop this pattern, you reach new levels within yourself. You begin to heal!

Remember, the plants and the universe (everything in the universe) will give you energy willingly, especially if you give to it. Then it just becomes an endless cycle of free energy to you and to the universe, thus keeping your energy level at its peak. Because you are not hurting other people and the surroundings around you and you give of your energy to it, then the coincidences, miracles and synchronicities begin!

When I felt this connection to spirit, the world, plants and people began to glow. I know synchronicity happens all the time in my life.

We can only be where we are because that’s where we wanted to grow…. and once your energy is peak, new people will start the coincidences to help you on your way.  It is up to you to fulfill your Birth Vision!

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