Pocahontas: Disney vs. Reality | CodeTalkers and WWII | Textbook Problems | Oh No!

In the News Guest Commentary |  Published December 3, 2017 Setting: White House ceremony for honorable and aging Navajo (Dine’) code talkers on Monday, November 27, 2017. Painting on the wall behind the code talkers: Indian slayer, author and implementer of the Indian Removal Act: Andrew Jackson The 45th occupant’s words during his “honoring ceremony” […]

WARRIORS: Navy Admiral Joseph James Clark (Cherokee)

Native Americans who served in the Military (Native American history) (next three posts) Admiral Joseph James Clark – Cherokee Indian Downloads Native Americans in the United States Navy – (ppt) Native Americans in the United States Navy – (pdf)  biography: Admiral Joseph James Clark, US Navy 1893 – 1971 Admiral Clark was born in Pryor, […]