“First Daughter and the Black Snake” Lights the Path

LA PROGRESSIVE’s Dick Price wrote: Besides being a masterfully conceived, thoroughly engaging film, what makes “First Daughter” so moving is the heartening solution it offers in these dark times. There are two videos at this link… READ: “First Daughter and the Black Snake” Lights the Path – LA Progressive

Seventh Fire: Open Roads and Dead Ends on a Native American Reservation (FILM)

by Sophia Nguyen | HARVARD MAGAZINE 7.22.16 The Seventh Fire opens with an image of a road in the dark, pulling the audience into a harsh and little-seen world: the White Earth reservation in northern Minnesota. The documentary’s 71 minutes are largely confined to the town of Pine Point, and its grim sights: houses covered […]

Apology to Native Americans?

click U of M students hope documentary prompts debate over apology to Native Americans. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. An old saying, it came to mind as University of Minnesota lecturer Carter Meland talked to me about a thought-provoking video project of the 60 students in his introductory “American Indians in Minnesota” class. Maybe the […]