do you know your richest neighbor and invader?

Movoto The wealthiest American in every state (that 1% we keep hearing about) The geography of wealth inequality doesn’t get much attention. But it’s stark. There are about 450 billionaires with American citizenship — and almost 200 of them live in New York and California. The result is this map. In some states, the richest […]

America’s Slaves Were More Valuable Than All Its Industrial Capital Combined

Thomas Piketty and Gabriel Zucman have a new paper out (PDF) about the historical evolution of wealth in a number of different prominent countries, and it features this chart for the United States that really drives home the amazing reality of America’s antebellum slave economy. The “human capital” consisting of black men and women held […]


  CHANGE UNLESS YOU WANT AN EQUALIZATION TAX by J. Glenn Evans Look, folks, I’m happy that you are comfortable and do not have to worry about your daily bread about which so many millions of our fellow humans must be concerned.  I do not envy your wealth and don’t want to take it for […]