The Next Standing Rock Is Everywhere | Another forgotten massacre | MMIWG | Repatriation from Finland | yəhaw̓ a decolonial exhibition

The lack of tribal consultation and, subsequently, shoddy environmental justice studies, are due in large part to the fact that the consultations and environmental justice studies, unlike clean air or water, are not protected by federal law, but by executive action.  As the past three years have shown, such protections therefore depend on the individual […]

Native Americans expect nothing good from Trump… | What’s LOVE got to do with it | Are things getting weird enough?

…but will the media pay attention at all? READ: Native Americans expect nothing good from Trump… | USA | Al Jazeera READ: Performative Sovereignty and DAPL (#NoDAPL) Since 2013 I’ve been developing a book project on the relationship between Indian treaties and Native American sovereignty and Origins magazine asked me to write an essay […]