NEWS | “Àbadakone” Creates Community, Catawba Deerskin Map + more

NEWS around Indian Country Hyperallergic Southwest US editor, Ellie Duke, who has started a series that spotlights members of the region’s art community, and who is also reporting on stories of interest to artists, arts workers, and others working in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and beyond. Her latest story looks at a legal loophole that […]

A Deafening Silence On Aboriginal Issues #TRC

Over the weekend, author and university administrator Wab Kinew, Rwandan genocide survivor Eloge Butera, Broadbent Institute director Jonathan Sas and 19 honorary witnesses to the TRC issued a call to action, urging Canadians to “make reconciliation an election issue.” Kinew told Maclean’s he remembers NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau “immediately in […]

Horrors in Canada, Horrors in the US   By Lara/Trace I do not know if readers of this blog have followed what is happening in Canada and their years-long investigation called the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).  In 2014 I heard Justice Murray Sinclair speak about TRC at Yale. READ HERE. He spoke about their findings and what the Canadian government […]

They came for the children @TRC #TC4TC

  // [View the story “”They Came for the Children”” on Storify]   ‘They Came for the Children’ #TC4TC. In the next 4 days, on Twitter the truth will be retold through @kairoscanada — TRC (@TRC_en) May 26, 2015 #TC4TC p18 In 1931 the system reached its peak with 80 schools in operation. […]

Doesn’t this constitute genocide?

archive photo Truth and Reconciliation Commission officials expect toll to rise as more records reviewed OTTAWA — Thousands of Canada’s aboriginal children died in residential schools that failed to keep them safe from fires, protected from abusers, and healthy from deadly disease, a commission into the saga has found. So far, the Truth and Reconciliation […]