The 40 Hour Work Week: “Hungry Ghosts” | Bad Apples | Thirst | Rat Race

  Excerpt: All of our well-publicized problems, including obesity, depression, pollution, and corruption are what it costs to create and sustain a trillion-dollar economy. For the economy to be “healthy,” this world has to remain unhealthy. (Read that again – for the economy to be healthy, the world has to remain unhealthy? WHAT the_?) (People have […]

Collective Amnesia: Leaders who don’t lead

Part Two By Lara Hentz (aka Trace) We are awakening… This tale is about the “haves” and “have nots.” We’ve all heard campaign promises and political sermons, then once elected, we might catch a glimpse of the leader on TV and it appears all those promises are long gone, long forgotten. And why we elected […]