South Carolina bill defines Native American tribes as clones?

Ninety-four year old Etiwan matriarch, Alica Flagler, has facial features, identical to those Creek Indians living along the Savannah River. Her skin tone is slightly darker. By Richard Thornton Native American History Examiner January 22, 2014 Will it ever end? From the moment that Southern planters began intentionally breeding Native American slaves to African American […]

as i learn history: i question everything

Will the real Appalachian history please stand up March 27, 2013 By: Richard Thornton   John Mitchell’s famous 1755 map tells the truth about the most catastrophic and humiliating defeat that the Cherokee Nation ever experienced.  At that time, South Carolina claimed northern Georgia and a section of western North Carolina.       Credits: John Mitchell – […]

Taino Puerto Ricans came to North America before Columbus?

March 12, 2013 BY Richard Thornton Taino Indians from Puerto Rico lived at least as far north as the Smoky Mountains. ¿Como? ¿Puertorriqueños en América del Norte antes de que Cristóbal Colón? ¡Por seguro! Forensic geologists and Native American scholars are opening the flood gates of new knowledge about North America’s past.  What they are […]

What you should know: Ethnic Cleansing in Virginia

An ethnic cleansing in Virginia native americans By: Richard Thornton Within a relatively short period in the mid-1660s, all of the Native American towns in the Shenandoah Valley were sacked. Credits:  VR image by Richard Thornton The 160 mile long Shenandoah Valley is located in northwestern Virginia and the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.   Ten counties are […]