Children’s Rights to Privacy after Adoption

By Lara Trace I am an adoptee, well past the age of majority, and because of my closed adoption, I had to climb a mountain and claw my way up to discover any details about who my natural family was. Records were sealed in Wisconsin. Growing up, I had no medical history. I did not […]

REHOMING: Adoptive Parents struggle to get assistance after adopting from overseas

Reuters investigates U.S. government, adoption agencies seldom help; one family shares challenges of caring for daughter NEW YORK – Amanda Alexander always wanted to adopt. In 2008, when her adoption agency sent a picture of a Russian girl who was available, Amanda fell in love. The girl was almost 2, and the agency warned that […]

When adoption doesn’t work

Letters When an Adoption Doesn’t Work Out November 28, 2013 (new York Times) To the Editor: Kim Ryu Re “When Children Are Traded,” by Nicholas D. Kristof (column, Nov. 21): The phenomenon of “private re-homing” of adopted children is recognized by adoption professionals as abusive, illegal and antithetical to the safety and well-being of adopted […]

Facebook site to dump adoptees, “rehoming” costs nothing

Usually, you only see the term “private re-homing” on message boards where pet owners seek new caretakers for unwanted animals. But, Reuters reports, there’s a far more sinister context for the phrase—on another, scarily similar network of online bulletin boards where desperate parents advertise and abandon children they regret adopting from overseas. Through Yahoo and […]