Climate change region by region | Melting Glaciers | The Art of Blogging (with tips)

The Northern Great Plains is far from any ocean. Water melts off mountain snowpack, slowly trickles down glaciers**, and pools up in basins. The largely arid region is dominated by thirsty industries like agriculture, energy extraction, and tourism.  There’s a byzantine system of century-old water rights and competing interests. Or as my dad, a Montana […]

Next Generation Nepal | “earthquake orphans” | Reconnecting Trafficked Children with Their Families

Reconnecting Trafficked Children with Their Families. Next Generation Nepal rebuilds family connections torn apart by child trafficking and helps rural communities become stronger, healthier places to raise their children. SEE: Next Generation Nepal – How We Work NGN Turns 10: A Decade of Rescuing and Reunifying Trafficked Children with their Families With your help, we […]

Big Adoption Corruption #OrphanCrisisMyth

Chris Hondros / Getty Images The Trouble With the Christian Adoption Movement Evangelical Americans believed adoption could save children in the developing world from poverty—and save their souls. By Kathryn Joyce | January 11, 2016 In 2009 a Tennessee couple made a life-changing decision. As devout Christians, they decided to open their home to an […]

‘Stolen’ kids ‘injected with leprosy’

 Apr 15 2008 | AUSTRALIA Some Aboriginal children who were taken from their parents and put into institutions were used to test medical treatments, a Senate inquiry has been told. Greens senator Bob Brown said he was “shocked and alarmed” by the allegations, heard by the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee’s inquiry into a Stolen […]

Los Angeles Orphans Asylums

(ca. 1900)* – The Los Angeles Orphanage at 917 South Boyle Avenue, southwest corner of Boyle Avenue at Stephenson Avenue (now Whittier Boulevard) in Boyle Heights. The orphanage is a five-story, brick, L-shaped building with dormer windows on the facade and a tower at the entrance that is flanked by newly-planted date palm trees. Steps […]

Growing Up in an Orphanage: Scotland

Tales of Personal Resilience Part 2 IHRR_Admin | July 19, 2013 Professor David Divine who is pursuing doctoral studies at Durham University on the resilience of young people in a care setting, shares excerpts from his recent book, Aberlour Narratives of Success. While orphanages are usually portrayed grimly in popular media, David found through his ethnographic research, […]

Adoption agencies, orphanages, and maternity homes: An historical directory

By Susan Foglesong on April 12, 2000 Format: Unknown Binding (Paperback) I have owned this book for over 15 years. I was in adoption reform for 13 years and assisted in writing legislation to improve adoptee rights. Nile’s book was one of the most concise, accurate and informative books I found in those 13 years. […]