Orphans in USA Orphanages (1653-1900)

New York Orphans Records (click) As early as 1653, New York City (formerly called New Amsterdam) recognized that it needed to care for the city’s minor children, widows, and orphans. In February of that year, the Deacons of the Reformed Dutch Church were appointed to act as Orphan Masters. Their duties were to “keep their […]

Montana: Orphan Asylum 1892-1973

St. Joseph’s Orphans Home 1892-1973 46°37’2.73″N 112° 1’9.53″W COURTESY OF THE FACEBOOK GROUP ST. JOSEPH’S ORPHANGE CHILDREN IN HELENA, MT Site of St. Joseph’s Orphans Home St. Joseph’s Orphans Home, which stood on the northeast corner of Montana Ave. at Custer Ave.. The Home was built in 1892-93 by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, […]