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(excerpt) Some of the children – the cute ones, says Ms. Corless – were adopted at a price in North America, often without their mothers’ consent. John P. Rodgers, a survivor of St. Mary’s and an author who wrote a memoir about his experience, For the Love of My Mother, now being developed as a […]

Content Overload

By Lara/Trace Hi to everyone who reads and subscribes.  I learned today that readers are at “Content Overload.” I get the newsletter The Book Marketing Expert and the author Peggy just posted this: If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of data that’s already online via blogs and social media, consider this: by 2020 that […]

Fairy dust #Adoption (update)

By Trace/Lara Baby Deseray was removed from Oklahoma shortly after her birth in May by Bobby and Diane Bixler of Irmo, South Carolina. Read the update on Baby Deseray here: Daniel’s post made me think: I have been thinking about the abolition of adoption – and came across this quote: “You never change […]

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For anyone who wishes to read the ebook One Small Sacrifice, A Memoir, shoot me an email. I have paperbacks for sale, too, at $15.95 (free shipping) You can paypal me: Email: Thanks for telling your adoptee friends about my book! The new second edition has 5 star reviews on Amazon! Lara/Trace

chasing ghosts… one small sacrifice (excerpt)

Chasing Ghosts “You must know where you came from yesterday, know where you are today, to know where you’re going tomorrow.” – Cree saying I’m over 50 now. Helen, my birthmother I never met. I know she was 22 when she had me and gave me up. I know this since I read my sealed […]