Motives at Lake Mohonk | Mahpíya Lúta Red Cloud

“The early leaders of the Indian Rights Association (IRA) had a twofold purpose: to protect the interests and general welfare for the Indians, and to initiate, support, or oppose government legislation and policies designed to ‘civilize’ the American Indian.  By the term ‘civilize,’ the IRA in 1882 meant measures designed to educate, Christianize, make economically […]

Orphans in USA Orphanages (1653-1900)

New York Orphans Records (click) As early as 1653, New York City (formerly called New Amsterdam) recognized that it needed to care for the city’s minor children, widows, and orphans. In February of that year, the Deacons of the Reformed Dutch Church were appointed to act as Orphan Masters. Their duties were to “keep their […]

Fordham Heights, NY: Catholic Orphan Asylum

 “Catholic Orphan Asylum. A New Extensive Site Is Selected on Fordham Heights,” The New York Times (Nov. 22, 1898). Roman Catholic Orphans’ Asylum – Bronx, NY Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, 301 West Kingsbridge Road at Sedgwick Avenue The Bronx, N.Y. 10468 St. Patrick’s Boys Asylum (Manhattan) Fifth Avenue at 51st and 52nd Streets (1851-1902) (c.1851) […]

Brooklyn Orphan Asylum and Angel Guardian Home for Orphans (1914)

More Brooklyn images: HERE Angel Guardian Home (Brooklyn) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Angel Guardian Home for Little Children in 1914. The Angel Guardian Home, formerly the Angel Guardian Home for Little Children is a Catholic orphanage in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, New York. History The Angel Guardian Home for Little Children […]

Orphan Trains: Minnesota

ORPHANS FOR ADOPTION A carload of babies for adoption by Catholic families in the West was sent out last week from an Orphan Asylum conducted by the Sisters of Charity in New York.  Forty-five of the sixty-five babies found foster parents in Minnesota.  The ease in which suitable orphans speaks volumes for the charity of […]

Lost Sparrow solves mystery but leaves wounds exposed

  I think of this important documentary LOST SPARROW all the time and wanted to share the links with you again. The earlier review I wrote is on this blog here and I’ve included it in TWO WORLDS: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects. Review by Lara/Trace On November 16, 2010, the documentary “Lost Sparrow” […]

before woodstock

It is not a town in upstate New York that achieved immortality with a rock festival. It is not a town in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley that achieved immortality when its Lutheran minister threw off his robe to reveal a Continental officer’s uniform.  This Woodstock is located just south of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Metropolitan […]

Iran calls on int’l community to combat human trafficking

Iran’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN Gholam-Hossein Dehqani Wed May 15, 2013 Iran has a 900-kilometer border with Afghanistan and has frequently been used as the main conduit for the smuggling of Afghan drugs to narcotics kingpins in Europe. The Islamic Republic has spent more than USD 700 million to seal the borders and prevent […]

Amerika Is Addicted And Dependent On Slavery: 62,000 prison inmates

  The prison industry in the United States: big business or a new form of slavery? by Vicky Pelaez Human rights organizations, as well as political and social ones, are condemning what they are calling a new form of inhumane exploitation in the United States, where they say a prison population of up to 2 […]

Coming Out of the Shadows in Union Square

Aura Bogado on March 29, 2013 Francisco Gutierrez speaks at Union Square, March 28, 2013. (Photo: Aura Bogado) One by one, some twenty people—mostly youth—stood under a canopy of butterflies in front of the George Washington statue in New York’s Union Square yesterday, and came out as undocumented. Despite some rain, their allies in […]

To Brooklyn and Back: A Mohawk Journey

In parallel stories, Mohawk filmmaker Reaghan Tarbell follows the steps of her late grandmother and interviews Mohawk women who helped build Little Caughnawaga, the legendary Mohawk ironworking community that lived in Brooklyn in the mid 1900s. Program Length: 57 minutes $29.95 Production Staff: Reaghan Tarbell (Mohawk), Paul Rickard (Omuskego Cree) & George Hargrove Production Company: […]

#Human trafficking in NY: The rescue of a Pinay nanny

By CRISTINA DC PASTOR, The FilAm February 1, 2013 Rina Hernandez was grateful to October superstorm Sandy. Somewhat. If not for the widespread destruction and chaos the hurricane brought on Staten Island, this nanny would not be able to plan her escape from her allegedly abusive Egyptian employers. “Nagpapasalamat po talaga ako sa Sandy,” Rina, […]