The Miseducation of Frank Waln | What Makes a Mountain, Hill or Prairie ‘Sacred’ for Native Americans #NoDAPL #WETIKO

On and off the reservation, schools tend to whitewash the stories of Native Americans. Frank Waln, a Lakota hip-hop artist from He Dog… Your history books (lies) Your holidays (lies) Thanksgiving lies and Columbus Day Tell me why I know more than the teacher Tell me why I know more than the preacher Tell me […]

Native Cry’s Gripping PSA for Natives Contemplating Suicide

By Eisa Ulen August 6, 2012  Suicide Prevention Act Native Cry Outreach Alliance PSA Suicide Native Cry Outreach Alliance, an organization dedicated to suicide prevention within the Native American community, has produced a gripping new public service announcement (PSA) aimed at Natives who are considering taking their own lives. With tight close-ups of real people who have […]

Updated! Medical bills fundraiser for poet MariJo Moore

MariJo Moore is a good friend and needs your prayers and donations… MariJo was chosen as Minority Business Person in Services for the Year, Western NC, 2007. She was also chosen as Wordcrafter of the Year in 2003-2004 and 2006-2007 by the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers; honored with the prestigious award of […]