America’s Slaves Were More Valuable Than All Its Industrial Capital Combined

Thomas Piketty and Gabriel Zucman have a new paper out (PDF) about the historical evolution of wealth in a number of different prominent countries, and it features this chart for the United States that really drives home the amazing reality of America’s antebellum slave economy. The “human capital” consisting of black men and women held […]

champions for change: Native youth

Five Native American “Champions” Call for Change Inter Press Service UNITED NATIONS, May 31 (IPS)  – It’s Sarah Schilling’s usual manner of greeting when she meets other members of her tribe: “Aanii Sarah Schilling n’diznakaas, which translates to ‘Hello, Sarah is my name’ in English,” she said. “The language is called Anishnaabemowin, the Odawa native […]

COMMENTS: spam or real?

By Trace/Lara I have tons of comments (30+ on some days) which hit the spam folder saying things like “how do I design a blog like this?” and “How do you find the information you include?” (some are gibberish while others are trying to sell us shit.) Well, I have been an editor (for newspapers mostly) […]

Digital Public Library – hooray!

Exhibitions History of Survivance: Upper Midwest 19th Century Native American Narratives History of Survivance: Upper Midwest 19th Century Native American Narratives Dakota quillwork leather vest, approximately 1890-1899. Minnesota Historical Society, Credits Minnesota Digital Library. For every object that ends up in a library or museum collection – whether it’s a manucript, a photograph, or […]

Taskforce to Improve Responses to Violence Against Children in Tribal Communities

April 17th, 2013 Posted by Katie Dixon On Friday, Attorney General Holder outlined the initial steps to implement the recommendations of the department’s Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence, part of the Defending Childhood Initiative.   The Attorney General announced that Acting Associate Attorney General Tony West will oversee the creation of an American […]

Crow woman aims to break stigma after son’s suicide

                                     Jackie YellowTail smudges herself with cedar smokeJAMES WOODCOCK/Gazette StaffJ    GARRYOWEN – Many American Indians, particularly those on the Crow Reservation, are taught by their elders not to invoke the name of loved ones who have died.They believe they are not really gone. Their spirit lives on in the “Other Side Camp.”Jackie YellowTail dares to break the […]

The Thick Dark Fog Producers Profile: Randy Vasquez and Jonathan Skurnik

  Listen Jonathan Skurnik and Randy Vasquez Related Links Download Randy Vasquez and Jonathan Skurnik Producer Profile MP3  The Thick Dark Fog trailer  The Thick Dark Fog website By Ben Kreimer ( As  a child, Walter Littlemoon, Lakota, was forcefully taken from his mother by the U.S. government and placed into a federally operated Native American boarding school […]

Violence Against American Indian and Alaska Native Women #VAWA

Acting Associate Attorney General Tony West Speaks at the  Federal Advisory Task Force on Research on Violence Against American Indian and Alaska Native Women Living in Tribal Communities Washington, D.C. ~ Friday, March 8, 2013 Thank you, Bea, for that kind introduction and your leadership on this task force and in our Office on Violence […]

NYTs: Timothy Egan on Indian Country Crime (“Science and Sensibility”)

Originally posted on Turtle Talk:
Here. An excerpt: For American Indians, living nearly invisible lives on archipelagos of native culture, irrational Republican philosophy has been particularly cruel. There are more than 300 reservations throughout the land — nations within a nation, sovereign to a point. Non-Indians are responsible for most of the domestic violence in…

Forced Sterilizations, Racist Terror, and the Native American Uprising of 1972-1973

by Steven Argue (Feb 3rd, 2013) [Photo: Native American rancher, Raymond Yellow Thunder, in 1972 was attacked by racists, stripped from the waste down, and forced into an American Legion bar where people made fun of him, forced him to dance, and put cigarettes out on him.  Raymond was then taken out back, beaten nearly […]

Back to the Future: Hopi Farming

Back to the Future: Restoring Traditional Hopi Farm Plots and Helping Elders Posted on November 14, 2012 by Alice First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) wants to eliminate food insecurity among senior citizens in Native American communities, and we are joined in that effort by AARP Foundation.  With foundation funding, we were able to award […]

The Real Criminals: Adoption Mafia

Please read this post THE REAL CRIMINALS on my other blog: Jay Winter Nightwolf’s “American Indians’ Truths … the Most Dangerous and Enlightening Show on Radio” WPFW 89.3 FM (Pacifica) – Friday Evenings – 7-8 PM Online Live Stream … Friday, November 30th, 2012 “Two Worlds: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects […]

Native American Heritage Month a century old – really!

The first of November is the beginning of Native American Heritage Month in the United States. Its celebration varies considerably across the continent. In communities where indigenous peoples are numerous and politically influential, government agencies, schools and historic commissions sponsor exhibits, student projects and lectures.  In many other communities, citizens are not even aware that […]

Major contribution to Native American history published

TWO WORLDS, Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects offers astounding narratives that challenge views on adoption     After generations of Native children were forcibly removed from their Tribes and placed in residential boarding schools, children were also being placed in closed adoptions with non-Indian families in North America. Finding those children became a mission for […]