Blog Bonus: Native American Photogs

NEW UK EXHIBIT: STILL – Native American Photographers 15th March – 28 May, 2016 (RAINMAKER Gallery is the UK showcase for contemporary Native North American Indian art and jewellery.) RAINMAKER GALLERY, 123 Coldharbour Road, Bristol BS6 7SN, UK Artist’s Talk with Cara Romero, Thursday April 21st, 3pm-4pm Artists’ reception with Cara Romero and Diego Romero, […]

A conversation with adoptee Rhonda Noonan Churchill

By Trace A. DeMeyer Rhonda, your new memoir The Fifth and Final Name is captivating in so many ways. It reads like a mystery suspense novel and you are a detective. As an adoptee, you show such courage and persistence; your search to find answers and family has taken 28+ years and really still hasn’t […]

Aaron Huey: America’s native prisoners of war

15:27 Aaron Huey’s effort to photograph poverty in America led him to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where the struggle of the native Lakota people — appalling, and largely ignored — compelled him to refocus. Five years of work later, his haunting photos intertwine with a shocking history lesson in this bold, courageous talk. […]

Digital Public Library – hooray!

Exhibitions History of Survivance: Upper Midwest 19th Century Native American Narratives History of Survivance: Upper Midwest 19th Century Native American Narratives Dakota quillwork leather vest, approximately 1890-1899. Minnesota Historical Society, Credits Minnesota Digital Library. For every object that ends up in a library or museum collection – whether it’s a manucript, a photograph, or […]

The Thick Dark Fog Producers Profile: Randy Vasquez and Jonathan Skurnik

  Listen Jonathan Skurnik and Randy Vasquez Related Links Download Randy Vasquez and Jonathan Skurnik Producer Profile MP3  The Thick Dark Fog trailer  The Thick Dark Fog website By Ben Kreimer ( As  a child, Walter Littlemoon, Lakota, was forcefully taken from his mother by the U.S. government and placed into a federally operated Native American boarding school […]

Forced Sterilizations, Racist Terror, and the Native American Uprising of 1972-1973

by Steven Argue (Feb 3rd, 2013) [Photo: Native American rancher, Raymond Yellow Thunder, in 1972 was attacked by racists, stripped from the waste down, and forced into an American Legion bar where people made fun of him, forced him to dance, and put cigarettes out on him.  Raymond was then taken out back, beaten nearly […]

Genocide of the American Indians was the worst ethnic cleansing in history

By John Robles Dec 25, 2012 14:15 Moscow Time Download In the third and final part of an interview with Indian Historian and Mik’maq elder Dr. Daniel Paul, the discussion continues regarding the genocide of the American indigenous peoples. Dr. Paul discusses the disingenuous “apology” by the US Government which was attached to a Defense […]

Back to the Future: Hopi Farming

Back to the Future: Restoring Traditional Hopi Farm Plots and Helping Elders Posted on November 14, 2012 by Alice First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) wants to eliminate food insecurity among senior citizens in Native American communities, and we are joined in that effort by AARP Foundation.  With foundation funding, we were able to award […]

#NDN #FILM Sousa on the Rez: Marching to the beat of a Different Drum

Sousa on the Rez from Cathleen O’Connell on Vimeo. WE LOVE Filmmaker Cathleen O’Connell Marching bands may not be synonymous with Native American music, but in Sousa on the Rez: Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum, filmmaker Cathleen O’Connell uncovers the tradition of Native American marching bands that dates back over a hundred […]

Native Cry’s Gripping PSA for Natives Contemplating Suicide

By Eisa Ulen August 6, 2012  Suicide Prevention Act Native Cry Outreach Alliance PSA Suicide Native Cry Outreach Alliance, an organization dedicated to suicide prevention within the Native American community, has produced a gripping new public service announcement (PSA) aimed at Natives who are considering taking their own lives. With tight close-ups of real people who have […]