James Ridgeway; Aj-Jazeera, JUL 7, 2012 In a recent article in The New York Review of Books, Angell reconstructs what she calls an apparent “raging epidemic of mental illness” among Americans. The use of psychoactive drugs—including both antidepressants and antipsychotics — has exploded, and if the new drugs are so effective, Angell points out, we […]

Intimacy of Abuse

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What distinguishes occasionally abusive behavior from an abusive relationship is the systematic attempt to control or dominate. Although control and domination are often used synonymously, they differ in motivation. Control is driven by fear or anxiety. When motivated by fear, controlling behavior is an attempt to neutralize a…

toxic stress: a toxic legacy

Jill Stark (  Domestic abuse and neglect can have a devastating effect on  children, but early intervention programs are providing a ray of hope. Illustration: Matt Davidson. His rage was never far from the surface. Dinner was served too early. Dinner was served too late. The house wasn’t clean enough. It didn’t take much to set  […]

It Doesn’t Take Much On Almost Getting PTSD in Iraq

By Jeremiah Goulka I was one nightmare short of PTSD. It didn’t take much, that’s what surprised me.  No battles.  No dead bodies.  I spent just three and a half weeks as a contractor in Iraq, when the war there was at its height, rarely leaving the security of American military bases. For several years […]

the wisdom of Patricia Sun

By Lara/Trace Years ago I found an article on healers in a magazine. It was 1984 and one of the healers mentioned in the article was Patricia Sun. She is known for “a sound” she makes with her body; this sound stimulates other people to heal, as it changes our vibration. I purchased a tape of […]

5 steps to handling loss

Help Yourself & Others – By Sharon L. Mikrut People often tell me that they don’t know what to say when someone experiences a loss. I explain that often times the person experiencing the loss simply needs to talk. You don’t need to say anything; just be there to listen and support the individual. […]