Guest Post: THE TRAIL OF NENABOOZHOO and Other Creation Stories

THE TRAIL OF NENABOOZHOO and Other Creation Stories by Isaac Murdoch Reviewed by MariJo Moore (Guest post) There is no better way to begin to know the nature of a nation than through their sacred stories. Among Indigenous peoples, traditional stories preserve tribal histories in epics, as well as keeping spirituality alive. Traditional storytelling is […]

Louise Erdrich on ‘LaRose,’ and the Psychic Territory of Native Americans | In The Veins @BlueHandBooks #NoDAPL

By Lara Trace Hentz  (poet-writer) (founder of Blue Hand Books) I am remiss in mentioning I’m in the new poetry anthology IN THE VEINS (released 2-1-2017) and last year I did mention the poetry book TENDING THE FIRE by Chris Felver that is coming out in 2017.   Louise and I are both that book.  NICE! […]

2001: A Space Odyssey + Interstellar

By Lara Trace (sci-fi lover) My wonderful cousin Dr. Charlie Bland is a movie expert.  Charlie (aka Afraid of His Horses) teaches movie history (college level) and analyzes all genres and loves films!  (I love many too, of course. I’m still hooked on all things Star Trek. That Gene Roddenberry was a total genius-visionary, right? […]

Star Stories of the Dreaming   By Lara Trace Our relatives down under have stories very much like our tribal relatives in North America tell about creation and our descent from the stars. We share the idea that we are all connected and related.  The Lakota say “Mitakuye Oyasin” which means we are all related. If you stop and […]

We Are Story Stones On Which Sacred Carvings Are Made Daily | WNC Woman

We Are Story Stones On Which Sacred Carvings Are Made Daily | WNC Woman. Creativity can be a spiritual experience, opening one to a deeper understanding of one’s connection to the whole, and deepening the belief of interconnectedness – that everything has a voice if one will listen. Story is who we are, where we […]

interconnectedness and quantum physics

I was honored to work with MariJo Moore on this amazing anthology. Indians always knew String Theory but call it The Theory of Everything …Lara/Trace The Spiritual Universe of American Native People By Marcianne Miller on April 7, 2014 BOOK REVIEW Format: Paperback “It was not until the 20th Century that [Eurasian scientists and philosophers] […]

#LiebsterAward: End Human Trafficking

Liebster Award By Lara/Trace I am very honored to have received the Liebster Blog Award nomination from I am Worth The Effort.  L. Dwain connected with me on WordPress which led me to follow his blog.  I’ve since learned more about his work, I AM Worth The Effort initiative. I started this blog with the intent […]

Podcast: Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time

 To purchase the ebook or paperback: visit and at   Here is the podcast of the first in a series of nine shows (thanks to Gia Scott’s Dawn of Shades Internet Radio Program!) which aired August 13. Stay tuned for the next eight Tuesdays to hear other authors from Unraveling the Spreading Cloth […]

Indigenous Radio you have to hear!

“First Voices Indigenous Radio” rebroadcasts on more than 40 FM radio frequencies/stations around the country for the week following each live program ( Listen to MariJo Moore discuss our new anthology UNRAVELING THE SPREADING CLOTH OF TIME on April 4 in the archive! Tomorrow at 1 pm EST, I will be a guest on the […]

BOOK REVIEW: Unraveling the spreading cloth of time

MariJo Moore and Trace A. DeMeyer’s Innovative Anthology Gives Voice to Indigenous Thoughts Concerning the Universe Review by Jessie Robie, Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time: Indigenous Thoughts Concerning the Universe. PB, 320pp, $22.95, ebook $6.99 rENEGADE pLANETS pUBLISHING, Candler, NC, USA “It was not until the 20th Century that [Eurasian scientists and […]

New anthology: Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time

Last year well-known poet-author MariJo Moore (who lives in North Carolina and was mentored by Vine Deloria Jr.) contacted me and invited me to co-edit a new anthology about quantum physics and thoughts about this “time” we are experiencing and how Indigenous people view the universe. MariJo put out a call for Native American writers and many responded immediately […]

Updated! Medical bills fundraiser for poet MariJo Moore

MariJo Moore is a good friend and needs your prayers and donations… MariJo was chosen as Minority Business Person in Services for the Year, Western NC, 2007. She was also chosen as Wordcrafter of the Year in 2003-2004 and 2006-2007 by the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers; honored with the prestigious award of […]

I need your HELP: Medical Bills Fundraiser

I need your HELP: Medical Bills Fundraiser. I am sharing this request with you as I did with my friends in the adoptee community American Indian Adoptees on my other blog ( If you would please keep my poet friend MariJo in your prayers and good thoughts, I would so appreciate this… Send whatever you can… I did yesterday… […]