Ireland’s ‘house of tears’ | Origins Canada | 60s Scoop | One Small Sacrifice | and my thanks

(excerpt) Some of the children – the cute ones, says Ms. Corless – were adopted at a price in North America, often without their mothers’ consent. John P. Rodgers, a survivor of St. Mary’s and an author who wrote a memoir about his experience, For the Love of My Mother, now being developed as a […]

Blog Bonus: Rising Up Against Climate Change: A Reading List | The Other Slavery

On Earth Day, thousands marched in support of science and the environment. But as these stories show, the fight has just begun. READ: Rising Up Against Climate Change: A Reading List *** TOP PHOTO: Earth First and Last, a poem by Connolly Ryan Source: Earth First and Last, a poem by Connolly Ryan ***** […]

Part TWO: Social Morays, Community Cultures, and Stockholm Syndrome in the Adoptee and Foster Child

By Cully Ray (continued from yesterday) The feelings of abandonment that are instilled in the adoptee or foster child are in constant conflict with his/her need to be loved by their parents (natural and adoptive), and the world around them is a constant reminder that they are different – somehow less than others – and […]

Karen Vigneault – Helping Native Adoptees Search

MAKING CONTACT: My Interview with Native Genealogist Karen Vigeault-MLIS By Lara/Trace I was so surprised and happy to receive a gracious email from Karen about four months ago as I do know many adoptees who get stuck on doing genealogy when they open their adoptions and have a name or family story that says there […]

Christian Evangelical Groups involved in Federal Indian Adoption Policies

By Angela Aleiss, HUFFINGTON POST The Baby Veronica case, named for the girl at the center of a contentious child custody dispute, stirred powerful emotional responses from many groups, including some Christian evangelicals. Motivated by their faith in God and a distrust of federal Indian policies, a few evangelical organizations are campaigning to abolish the […]

CALLED HOME: Narratives of Adoption

By Lara/Trace Every year we commemorate the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and I too have a dream.  I dream we’ve moved past sexism, racism… classism… and white privilege.  My ongoing prayer is adoption will no longer move any child outside their own culture and ethnicity …I pray everyone knows of […]