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Former Indian school student remembers good, bad times By CHRISTINA LIEFFRING SOURCE GENOA, NEBRASKA — Sid Byrd, a former student at Genoa Indian Industrial School, opened his talk in August at the annual school reunion with a story about his name.  “My middle named used to be Oliver, but I changed it to Howard because […]

What VERSION are you reading?

By Lara Trace Hentz  (history buff)   EXAMPLE Years ago I realized the “version” is what we need to examine as much as the writing itself.  It’s very very important to look at WHO wrote it and why.  Ellowyn in Pine Ridge, South Dakota shared her tribe’s version of history that differed greatly from […]


By Lara Trace (called Lala by her sister in Austria) Am I the only one?   Every. SINGLE. DAY…  I feel like I’m overreacting to an insane horror flick.  YEEGADS, what the hell is going on in this world?  It’s like a very very very bad movie, between X RATED and profane.  If I turn […]

Blog Bonus (good stuff I’m reading)

I’m adding BLOG BONUS in 2016:  a mix of good stuff I’m reading and you might want to read them too!   I know, I know, you all read way too much, but this is when you don’t have enough material… a new category Blog Bonus will be there when you need it… XOX  Lara In […]

2016: Time to Rev Up

By Lara Trace It’s good to be home and I’m revved up to resume a weekly schedule of blog posts. (I missed you guys [I really did] but I was reading your inspiring bad-ass blogs!) (for some weird reason I stopped getting email notice of your new posts – um, still working to fix that.) […]

We Come as Friends “We Come As Friends” Explores the Beautiful Nightmare of South Sudan Nick Turse | Intercept As a filmmaker, Hubert Sauper does not take the road less traveled. That would be far too easy. He doesn’t, in fact, take roads much at all. First he spent two years on his French farm building his own […]

International Adoption Scandals: Haiti steps up its fight

By Lara Trace This ought to get some notice. (sigh)  The child trafficking business hasn’t slowed. Not when there is money to be made. Americans may choose to wear blinders but eventually the news will hit their newspapers. It may hit them hard if they adopted a trafficked child. Wiki has a list of international […]

Propaganda Pawns: Selling Babies, Rehoming, deporting ADOPTEES must end

By Lara Trace Hentz This recent essay on Lost Daughters is a truly revealing story written by a deported adoptee, who experienced a corrupt system called “adoption,” made a victim by her American adoptive parents who fail to register her for citizenship with immigration: And Adam Pertman’s recent post:  [In short, Shepherd’s adoption […]

And so it goes #Orphan Asylums #NativeLivesMatter

By Lara/Trace (adoptee-author) I know it’s a sign when a couple of my friends mention “Orphan Asylums” to me in a single day. How children were called “inmates.” I have no recollection of my time as an inmate in a Minnesota orphanage – this happened after I was born in St. Paul, MN and was […]

When Words Matter: An interview with poet Kim Shuck and artist Marcer Campbell

By Lara/Trace Let’s start the NEW YEAR with giving praise and voice to the poets, mystics, artists and friends who changed my life… My friend Kim Shuck is a poet, weaver, beadwork master artist (link ) and fellow traveler. Her ancestors were and are Tsalagi, Sauk and Fox and Polish, for the most part. She earned […]

Lost Daughters: Why Adoptive Parents need to stop blogging about adoptees

By Lara/Trace On occasion I write a post on the Lost Daughters blog. In the past week, I had more than one friend send me a blog that was created by an adoptive parent that showed photos and personal details about young adoptees.  So I asked some of the Lost Daughters, who are adult adoptees, […]

adoption laws, dead parents and letters to your birthchild

By Trace A. DeMeyer I think adoption has left many of us adoptees frozen in time as missing children.  Details of our first days and births are sealed in files – leaving us without essential details of our birthparent’s lives when they made the decision to let us go.  Our adoption records are sealed so […]

Adoption Reunion in the Social Media Age: An interview with Becky Drinnen

By Trace A. DeMeyer (author of One Small Sacrifice and Two Worlds) Becky Drinnen and I are adoptees, writers and contributors to the new anthology “Adoption Reunion in the Social Media Age.” The editor Laura Dennis asked us to discuss our stories in the book and ask each other questions for our blogs. The new […]

10 answers on blogging, Kindle and my life in general

Von at The Life of Von blog posed these questions (as part of the Leibster Award nominations) and I am going to take a minute and answer them… Read more about the blog award and my friend Von here: 1. How is blogging working out for you? I love it more than I ever […]