Defying US Borders, Asserting Territorial Rights | Bad Movies | Children Strike | Wayfarers and The Fork in the Road

We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.” That’s the message from communities who live with the troubled legacy of colonialism today—the descendants of Native peoples who have survived in defiance of the national divides that strafe their lands and run counter to their cultural inheritance. Such a move, (THE WALL) according to the […]


By J. Glenn Evans Broker Jim is the first of three novels that I have written. Like many first novels a lot of it is biographical, somewhat like Jack London’s Martin Eden. My early ambition was to be a writer. Grazing about in my hometown library of Wewoka, Oklahoma when I was a junior in […]

The Great Awakening of 2018: Change will come when people wake up to this reality

Guest Post By  J. Glenn Evans   Author’s Note: this was not written for sound-biters, but for critical thinkers and activists not afraid to get off their rumps and do things. Some parts might seem repetitious but this is intentional to drive home important points that should be remembered. Many of the stated positions are […]


By J. Glenn Evans (aka Jack Evans) When I saw the pictures of two teenagers, Turner Lupton and Nicholas Ross, on the front page of the September 16, 2015 issue of The Wewoka Times arrested on a marijuana charge, I was revolted, because of the disaster this can be to their young lives. I am […]


GUEST POST by J Glenn Evans Another gross injustice has been committed by the leaders of our country. We who believe the dream of America is to stand up for justice, a sacred commitment not to be brushed aside. What our forebears have done we cannot help, but what we do today is within our […]

Straight Talk

NOTE from Lara: When J. Glenn writes, I post since he does not have a blog. Please read and share. J Glenn will read your comments here, too. By J. Glenn Evans This is an essay of thoughts, ideas and personal opinions of the author that may seem arbitrary, but are meant to challenge your […]

A Chat with PoetsWest founder J Glenn Evans

By Lara Trace Thanks to the world-wide-web, blogging can connect people to past, present and future in brand new ways… and we make new friends who become our relatives. As promised, I’m interviewing some of my most inspiring friends. One of them is renown Seattle poet J. Glenn Evans (Cherokee). He’s contributed to this blog […]


Our thanks to the Seattle City Council for a proposed resolution to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.  Christopher Columbus was not the hero we were taught to believe in while we were in grade school.  The matter will be considered at the September 02 Seattle City Council meeting about 2:00 p.m., City Hall, […]

The Time Has Come: A multitude of small actions can change the world

By J. Glenn Evans We have had good ideas of how to build a better world for many centuries.  Poets, writers and thinkers of all ages have visualized a better world.  Even in our own present day we have the technology to easily accomplish this, yet we seem no closer than we were a thousand […]

A MANIFESTO FOR WE THE PEOPLE to the memory of Nelson Mandela who died on December 5, 2013 atthe age of 95.  He led Africa’s struggle for freedom and justice.  A hero to millions, he will be mourned around the world.  By J. Glenn Evans We the People need to speak truth to power.  We need to be heard.  We […]


Saturday, 12 October 2013—4-7p.m  At the Longhouse, 4705 West Marginal Way SW, Seattle, WA  The Duwamish Tribe in association with PoetsWest will host a program of poetry and storytelling by Native Americans.  Other local tribes are invited to participate in this inaugural event.  An open mic will follow featured readers for those who have poems […]

a lonely soldier

By J. Glenn Evans A soldier of low rank Ponders the night What should he do Be like his comrades His fellow citizens at home Be promoted like those who go along   His eyes had rested upon messages From higher powers over him That disclosed crimes committed Under our flag in our country’s name That trashed our Constitution Heinous crimes against other peoples   What […]