Ireland’s ‘house of tears’ | Origins Canada | 60s Scoop | One Small Sacrifice | and my thanks

(excerpt) Some of the children – the cute ones, says Ms. Corless – were adopted at a price in North America, often without their mothers’ consent. John P. Rodgers, a survivor of St. Mary’s and an author who wrote a memoir about his experience, For the Love of My Mother, now being developed as a […]

800 Babies in a Mass Grave – a Re-Post/Update

From my friend Toritto: On June 2, 2014 I posted the below article concerning an Irish historian’s claim that hundreds of dead babies were to be found on the grounds of a “home” for unwed mothers run by … PLEASE READ: 800 Babies in a Mass Grave – a Re-Post/Update It’s Friday and a good day to […]

No appetite to uncover scale of illegal adoption scandal

LINK: No appetite to uncover scale of illegal adoption scandal. Calls for an audit of all the files held by accredited adoption agencies and by the State, so that the full scale of illegal adoptions and birth registrations can be uncovered, have always fallen on deaf ears, writes Conall Ó Fátharta… You really have to […]

Ireland: Adoptee Rights NOW!

The history of the Irish Adoption Industry is the last dirty little secret of the darkest depths of the once fabled and glorified holy Catholic Ireland. You doubt that it was an industry? That it was a machine? Don’t.

For Banished Adoptees, search for Irish Family is Risky

READ STORY HERE Grim conditions inside the homes, where thousands of ostracized young women were sent after they became pregnant, remained largely secret until a couple of decades ago. Finally, news about abuses, substandard medical care and forced adoptions began to attract mainstream attention, buoyed by books and films such as “The Magdalene Sisters” in […]

Genetic bewilderment and adoption’s appalling cruelty

Children should have an absolute right to know who they are March 2014 SOURCE Ireland By Victoria White PRESIDENT Higgins was completely right to highlight the outrage that is the denial of birth records to adopted people at the launch of his Ethics Initiative this week. The psychologists call what happens to adopted people who […]

Trafficking in Eire

‘I FELT SURROUNDED BY DARKNESS’ As the PSNI launch a new probe into child sexual exploitation in Northern Ireland, Jacqui Montgomery Devlin from Barnardo’s’ Safe Choices tells Lucy Gollogly that victims often feel anger, frustration, shame and mistrust One young girl who had suffered child sexual exploitation described her experience as “a very small thumbnail […]