Think boatloads of immigrants on Turkey Day

By Lara/Trace After the speech on immigration by Obama, I decided it’s time you and I confess some of us are descendents of immigrants! So I decided to google: My (adopted) grandmother Romaine Baert immigrated from Belgium as a child. She and her brother Emil arrived at Ellis Island in New York City (circa 1900). […]

Doesn’t this constitute genocide?

archive photo Truth and Reconciliation Commission officials expect toll to rise as more records reviewed OTTAWA — Thousands of Canada’s aboriginal children died in residential schools that failed to keep them safe from fires, protected from abusers, and healthy from deadly disease, a commission into the saga has found. So far, the Truth and Reconciliation […]

Indigenous Radio you have to hear!

“First Voices Indigenous Radio” rebroadcasts on more than 40 FM radio frequencies/stations around the country for the week following each live program ( Listen to MariJo Moore discuss our new anthology UNRAVELING THE SPREADING CLOTH OF TIME on April 4 in the archive! Tomorrow at 1 pm EST, I will be a guest on the […]

‘Lost’ report over Brazilian tribal genocide resurfaces after 40 years

  By Jonathan Watts, The Guardian Wednesday, May 29, 2013 Figueiredo report reveals alleged crimes against indigenous tribes from 1940s to 1980s and sheds light on current land policy A “lost” report into genocide, torture, rape and enslavement of indigenous tribes during Brazil’s military dictatorship has been rediscovered, raising fresh questions about whether the government […]

who I remember today

Museums Confront the Skeletons in Their Closets “These are very moving moments for indigenous people around the world,” said Ned David, a Torres Strait islander who helps lead a repatriation group and attended the Berlin ceremony. “They are bringing their ancestral remains home. There are mixed emotions, one obviously of relief, so it’s a celebration. […]

“Sovereignty Summer” Call To Action

Idle No More & Defenders of the Land From Solidarity Spring To Sovereignty Summer: An International Callout To All Indigenous Peoples, Supporters, Allies Of Idle No More & Defenders Of The Land Over the past few months, Idle No More has ignited a spiritual fire in the hearts of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples to come […]

Report: Canada could see indigenous uprising #IdleNoMore

Report: Canada could see indigenous uprising – Features – Al Jazeera English. “…Living standards for indigenous people on par with “third world” countries, buttressed by a large population of unemployed young men in a “warrior cohort”, and easy-to-target economic infrastructure, all mean Canada has conditions for a potential indigenous “insurgency”. That’s according to a new […]

Jenny Reardon and Kim Tallbear on DNA, Genomics, and Anthropology

by Matthew L.M. Fletcher (Turtle Talk) Last year, Jenny Reardon and Kim Tallbear published “‘Your DNA is Our History’: Genomics, Anthropology, and the Construction of Whiteness as Property” in Current Anthropology. PDF here. Important paper. The abstract: During the nineteenth century, the American School of Anthropology enfolded Native peoples into their histories, claiming knowledge about […]

Wade Davis: Dreams from endangered cultures

Click here: 22:01 (audio) With stunning photos and stories, National Geographic Explorer Wade Davis celebrates the extraordinary diversity of the world’s indigenous cultures, which are disappearing from the planet at an alarming rate. April 29, 2013 by thenextpulitzer In his role at the National Geographic, Wade Davis shares the belief that stories can change the world. […]

9th Annual Indigenous and American Studies Storytellers Conference

April 12 & 13, 2013  Call for papers The year 2013 commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Guswentha “Two Row” Wampum Belt. This treaty, the first between the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and European settlers, is depicted in the belt’s symbolic dual paths, or “rows”, representing the separate lifeways of the Haudenosaunee canoe and European ship navigating […]

Annual Women’s Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women

Feb 14th Annual Women’s Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women Their Spirits Live Within Us by ajik February 8, 2013– VANCOUVER, Coast Salish Territories- The February 14th Annual Women’s Memorial March is held on Valentine’s Day each year to honour the memory of women from the Downtown Eastside who have died due to physical, […]

Contaminated Culture: Native people struggle with tainted resources, lost identity

This story is becoming more and more relevant in Indian Country – contaminated resources destroy ancestral ways… …For the Anishinaabe people at the southernmost tip of Lake Huron, cedar is not just a tree – it is sacred. Used in medicines and teas, the tree’s roots, bark and sap have been central to their physical, […]

savage anxieties #NDN #NewBook

New Book by Robert Williams: “Savage Anxieties” by Matthew L.M. Fletcher, Turtle Talk Book website here. From the site: From one of the world’s leading experts on Native American law and indigenous peoples’ human rights comes an original and striking intellectual history of Western civilization and the idea of the savage that sheds new light […]