Winter Fire – And Our Mother’s Cried | Where are They? | The Worst Way to Start a City

“And Our Mothers Cried” vividly brings to life the Indian boarding school era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. For several generations of Native American children, including some Chickasaws, attending boarding school meant separation from their families and indoctrination into a culture that wasn’t their own. The schools, which were guided by the infamous slogan, […]

60s Scoop radio documentary #adoption

CFRC-FM — Kingston, ON Radio Documentary: Adoption and the ’60s Scoop LISTEN: (MP3 of part 1) (MP3 of part 2) Produced by: Dana Wesley Featured Speakers/Guests (part 1): Beth and “Kayla” Featured Speakers/Guests (part 2): Laura Maracle and Janice Hill Music (part 1): “Greetings Sunrise” by the Four Winds Women’s Singers from Honoring Our Ancestors; […]