NEWS | “Àbadakone” Creates Community, Catawba Deerskin Map + more

NEWS around Indian Country Hyperallergic Southwest US editor, Ellie Duke, who has started a series that spotlights members of the region’s art community, and who is also reporting on stories of interest to artists, arts workers, and others working in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and beyond. Her latest story looks at a legal loophole that […]

Chasing Ghosts: My 20 year journey

By a very grateful Lara Trace Hentz  (adoptee/author of One Small Sacrifice) Chasing Ghosts twenty years? Yes. It took me 20 years to attend the Harlow powwow in southern Illinois on Sept. 6.  This family reunion was a first time for me, meeting many many new Harlow cousins.  (It’s that very same reunion my birthdad […]

Of Natives, Fur Traders And Missionaries: The Unlikely Culture Of Pre-American Illinois | WUIS 91.9

Lazy Frenchmen and subjugated Indians: that’s the stereotype of the pre-American French towns along the Illinois side of the Mississippi River valley. Not so, says Robert Michael Morrissey, a history professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The prevailing perception, developed by historian Francis Parkman, had two components: The French were lazy, anarchic fops dependent […]

Inmates at the Orphan Asylum in Illinois

NOTE: I am going to publish as much as I can find on orphanages on this blog… Since the Catholic Cult made me one…Lara ORPHANAGES of WHITESIDE COUNTY ILMount Carmel Home – Clyde Township Mount Carmel Home was founded as a country home for children in 1900 by the Brethren in Christ Church. It was […]

Identity, Indians and THE MIX

As Adoptees we need to be flexible, open to the new, to synchronicities, to unlikely possibilities and to seeing the extraordinary opportunities we have, to deal with the losses, the traumas of adoption, to be who we want to be.  Identity, that ‘thing’ we have taken from us in adoption which is replaced by a […]

Cultural collapse in Eastern North America

This is a continuation of my March 3rd post about the two comets that altered North America by Richard Thornton… The decline of the Hopewell Culture in the late 400s AD is widely known. Construction at Hopewell sites is believed to have halted by 500 AD. However, the precise date of the last Hopewell construction […]

Human trafficking: preying on expecting moms

By Lara/Trace At this point in my research into human trafficking, I am looking at the billion dollar adoption industry tactics to convince mothers who are expecting to give up their newborn by using coercion, isolation, promises and careful maneuvers to guarantee the mother is going to go through with the transaction. I call this […]

before woodstock

It is not a town in upstate New York that achieved immortality with a rock festival. It is not a town in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley that achieved immortality when its Lutheran minister threw off his robe to reveal a Continental officer’s uniform.  This Woodstock is located just south of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Metropolitan […]


Tell University of Illinois, Carbondale, to give them back! – Now, at the University of Southern Illinois, the Center for Archaeological Investigations says the seizure of Navajo and Hopi artifacts was funded by Peabody Coal. The university even brags about the seizure: We are currently working on a 5.5-year project to inventory and rehouse […]

‘Black Drink’ Tea Cup discovered

Linked To Native American Ritual And Trade Network | Researchers tested pottery beakers found in and around Cahokia for residues of the Black Drink because the vessels were distinctive and relatively rare. By Elizabeth Norton In the 1600s, Europeans exploring the American southeast wrote of a purification ritual practiced by the native people, involving dancing, vomiting, […]

Chicago #NDNs

  Article about Chicago’s Urban Indian Community by Kate Fort In the Chicago Trib, which requires a free (but annoying) registration. Here. There’s an interesting discussion on identity and the census: Thirty years ago, there were more than 20 American Indian organizations in the city, said Dorene Wiese, president of the American Indian Association […]