Hopi | Outings in PA | Dawn of Detroit | Disappeared | #PoorPeoplesCampaign

  A small but powerful exhibit, shows intense commitment to the power of individual artists, within the broader context of communal history. Finding individuals in the archaeology record is difficult, such logic goes, and is impossible to properly credit work to a particular artist. It would be easy to have these ceramic vessels begin to […]

Justin Secakuku: Native Love is Respect

For Justin Secakuku, Hopi from Shugopavi, Arizona, Native love is respect. While the traditional roles and duties of men and woman may differ from one tribe to another, Native women should be treated with utmost respect, he says, “because they are the life of your family and your people and your culture, and because they carry […]


Tell University of Illinois, Carbondale, to give them back! http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/04/peabody-coal-seized-1-million-navajo.html – Now, at the University of Southern Illinois, the Center for Archaeological Investigations says the seizure of Navajo and Hopi artifacts was funded by Peabody Coal. The university even brags about the seizure: We are currently working on a 5.5-year project to inventory and rehouse […]