How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle To Stay Healthy In Modern Times

 Listen: If you got sick, you probably wouldn’t go to an evolutionary biologist to get treated. But Daniel Lieberman, professor of evolutionary biology at Harvard University, says that his field can help you understand why you got sick, and make you more aware of healthy and harmful behaviors. He joins Fresh Air’s Terry Gross […]


By Lara/Trace At my dentists office I was reading a very technical article about mycotoxins – which can be traced to molds and fungal infections. And then another article popped up about fungal infections causing infertility (more than anyone here in America has realized.) When doctors wanted to create diabetes in mice, they injected them […]

Abuse in adoption: theft

As I post this, I feel the abject horror of what Leah has endured… Please read… Lara/Trace Theft The word theft made me remember a true story an adoptee told me when her elderly mother got sick. The adoptee Leah (an alias for this story) had taken care of her adoptive mother for over 10 years; […]

It Doesn’t Take Much On Almost Getting PTSD in Iraq

By Jeremiah Goulka I was one nightmare short of PTSD. It didn’t take much, that’s what surprised me.  No battles.  No dead bodies.  I spent just three and a half weeks as a contractor in Iraq, when the war there was at its height, rarely leaving the security of American military bases. For several years […]

Fall Like Rain, Martin Sexton

I am having sessions of physical therapy for my right shoulder and my therapist highly recommends Martin Sexton as a musician-singer-songwriter! I am sharing with you so you can love him Too!   More of his videos! Related articles eTown with Martin Sexton and the Milk Carton Kids (

Chinese Officials Admit ‘Cancer Villages’ Due To Pollution Exist

Chinese Officials Admit ‘Cancer Villages’ Due To Pollution Exist. According to Chinese business magazine Caijing, Chinese officials with the Ministry of Environment Protection confirmed the existence of cancer villages in a statement announcing plans to alleviate pollution and its harmful side effects. “The toxic chemicals have caused many environmental emergencies linking to water and air […]

the wisdom of Patricia Sun

By Lara/Trace Years ago I found an article on healers in a magazine. It was 1984 and one of the healers mentioned in the article was Patricia Sun. She is known for “a sound” she makes with her body; this sound stimulates other people to heal, as it changes our vibration. I purchased a tape of […]

5 steps to handling loss

Help Yourself & Others – By Sharon L. Mikrut People often tell me that they don’t know what to say when someone experiences a loss. I explain that often times the person experiencing the loss simply needs to talk. You don’t need to say anything; just be there to listen and support the individual. […]

First Nations force-fed lower living standards

Health/Fort William First Nation/ Jan. 19, 2012 – “Canada forces First Nations to accept lower standards of living,” says Peter Collins, Northern Superior Regional Chief for the Anishinabek Nation. Collins, also Chief of Fort William First Nation near Thunder Bay, hopes this is an issue that will be dealt with at the Jan. 24 Crown-First […]