From the Dark Ages of Adoption to the better SOS VILLAGES

By Lara Trace Hentz It’s hard to find words when you examine adoption as an industry. First you think (and you’d be right) that adoption was meant for war orphaned children.  Orphans, of course, had no living parent, grandparent or other close relatives.  With all the war, conflicts and climate refugees in the world right […]

International Adoption Scandals: Haiti steps up its fight

By Lara Trace This ought to get some notice. (sigh)  The child trafficking business hasn’t slowed. Not when there is money to be made. Americans may choose to wear blinders but eventually the news will hit their newspapers. It may hit them hard if they adopted a trafficked child. Wiki has a list of international […]

Adoption’s abductions in Haiti

By Lara/Trace I want to share this: After Haiti Quake, the Chaos of U.S. Adoptions “Under a sparingly used immigration program, called humanitarian parole, adoptions were expedited regardless of whether children were in peril, and without the screening required to make sure they had not been improperly separated from their relatives or placed in homes […]

In the News: Vermont, Slavery, Haiti

What the Modern World Owes Slavery (It’s More Than Back Wages) The Huffington Post February 24, 2014 By Greg Grandin, Professor of History, NYU Many in the United States were outraged by the remarks of conservative evangelical preacher Pat Robertson, who blamed Haiti’s catastrophic 2010 earthquake on Haitians for selling their souls to Satan. Bodies […]