Protect yourself

By Lara/Trace We knew it was going to get bad – it’s been coming for years, as long as I can remember. Bad has erupted. Bad as in evil. Bad as in inhumanity, prejudice, injustice, crazy verdicts, widespread violence, government surveillance/secrecy and now chaos. I see this and think of the control of our slave owners, now called […]

End Human Trafficking: Prevention, Prosecution, Protection

                    Now the United States is not alone in this fight. Many governments have rallied around what we call the three P’s of fighting modern slavery: prevention,  prosecution, and protection. And this report, which is being issued today, gives a clear and honest assessment of where […]

Government Case Against Whistleblower Thomas Drake Collapses | The Nation

Government Case Against Whistleblower Thomas Drake Collapses | The Nation. “… The Department of Justice had been pursuing Drake for alleged violations of the Espionage Act that might have sent him to prison for up to 35 years. But the government withdrew the evidence supporting several of the central charges after a judge ruled Drake […]